“I couldn’t sleep for three days”


Invited to “Ovidiu’s Friends”, former striker Claudiu Keșeru (37 years old) talked about the two hardest moments in his football career. Both spent in the red-blue jersey. The first in August 2014, when Ludogorets dramatically eliminated the FCSB on penalties, and Becali’s team missed the Champions League groups. And the second in the match with Aalborg, from Denmark, lost 0-1.

Keșeru cannot forget the nightmare he experienced in Bulgaria during the return match with Ludogorets in the Champions League play-off. After 1-0 in the round, FCSB started the comeback from “Vasil Levski” strongly, but after only 30 minutes the red-blues went out and Ludogorets took control of the game, they scored and took the game to extra time .

Claudiu Keșeru, the disaster in Bulgaria and the dramatic elimination from the Champions League

In the 118th minute, the Bulgarian goalkeeper was eliminated for a foul from the position of last defender at Varela. And the madness began! It was Moţi who entered the Bulgarians’ goal in the penalty shootout and became his hero, after saving the executions of Paul Pârvulescu and Cornel Râpă.

“It’s a pity that qualification missed with Steaua on penalties. It was one thing to qualify with your country’s champion in the Champions League at home and another to qualify with Ludogorets when you are abroad. Another impact and another satisfaction when you know you’ve taken yours too. That was the saddest moment of my career!“, said Keșeru at “Friends of Ovidiu”.

I couldn’t sleep for three days. Money didn’t matter… I always thought that money comes and goes… It’s not something you can’t live without! That professional satisfaction… Especially since I had not yet played in the Champions League at that time,” the former striker added.

When you’re a kid you tell yourself you want to play for the national team and hear the Champions League anthem. I started with these ideas. The national team was there, I had discovered the Europa League, but the Champions League anthem was missing. When I got there…

Claudiu Keșeru, former striker

How Claudiu Keșeru experienced defeats: “I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to be in my shoes”

And the defeats marked the life of the striker who wrote a history lesson in the red-blue shirt.

“I wouldn’t want anyone to be in my shoes in those moments. To make you realize… My mother and my wife were not talking. They didn’t say a word. Because they didn’t know what state they were in. They went to the match, came home, waited and didn’t say anything”, revealed Claudiu.

Keșeru referred to the match in Denmark, lost by FCSB 0-1 with Alboorg. “After that match in which I missed seven, eight chances… The match is over. I arrived at the hotel, two, three hours pass. I was sitting with Adi Popa in the room. The match was at ten o’clock, I was usually asleep at two o’clock. I didn’t say a word,” Cladiu said.

He continued to tell himself that “Until four I was staring at the ceiling. Empty. From two to six, Popica made jokes just to get me out of that mood. He who slept at two o’clock. At six I also sketched the first gesture… He was my best friend in football. I’m going to be her godfather! A boy of millions”.

Watch the whole show with Claudiu Keșeru here

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