Operation Nicea 2025: Pope Francis gives himself an image lift to be swallowed by the Orthodox

Operation Nicea 2025: Pope Francis gives himself an image lift to be swallowed by the Orthodox
Operation Nicea 2025: Pope Francis gives himself an image lift to be swallowed by the Orthodox

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The Great Ecumenical Reset has registered a new historical episode: theological beautification. The dead are taken out of the pit and put to witness.

In the little free time left by old age and Agenda 2030, the Sovereign Pontiff wrote a memoir about his predecessor.

Her title: “Pope Francis. The successor. My Memoirs of Benedict XVI”.

The book is not yet on the market, but an excerpt was released for the first time on Tuesday.

It shows that the former pontiff supported Francis’ approach to sexual minorities, including civil unions between their members.

In the published passages, Francis recalls an episode during which Benedict XVI allegedly defended him before a group of cardinals (whose identity is not given) who complained about the Pope’s “heresy” regarding civil unions.

Francis reports:

“I once stated that marriage is a sacred sacrament, it cannot be celebrated for homosexual couples, but that, in one way or another, these people must be given a guarantee or civil protection.”

“I said that in France there is a form of civil union which, at first glance, could be a good option because it is not limited to marriage.”

The anonymous cardinals would have accused Francis of using a preliminary trick that would eventually lead to the Catholic Church’s acceptance of gay marriages.

They went to complain to the Pope Emeritus:

“Benedict didn’t get angry, because he knew perfectly well what I was thinking. He listened to them all, one by one, calmed them down and explained everything to them (…).

“He said to them: ‘It is not a heresy!’ How did he defend me! He always jumped to my defense.”

Extremely interesting the portrait that Pope Francis wants to create through these memoirs and especially the message he wants to convey!

Passamite, he, Francis, would be not only the successor, but also the disciple of Benedict XVI. His spiritual heir.

At one point, he even states:

“He was like a parent to me.”

As Ratzinger was the exponent of Catholic conservatism and sobriety, it is not difficult to understand what Francis is aiming for: to put his fist in the mouth of critics – more and more vocal – who accuse him of leftism, progressivism and undermining the Church.

Especially after the scandalous recommendation by the Holy See to bless homosexual couples.

This risks blowing up the ecumenical momentum promoted by the Vatican and Constantinople, whose first target (and urgency) is the reunification of the date of Easter in 2025, the 1700th anniversary of the Council of Nicea.

However, unlike Francis, in whom the Orthodox world saw from the very beginning a globalist politrick, without theological scope, the wise and erudite Benedict was regarded in the East with respect and consideration.

The attitude towards the LGBT issue of the Vatican is without a doubt the biggest obstacle to an Otova unification between Catholics and Orthodox, without doctrinal clarifications and without the necessary repentance of the West for the Schism it caused a thousand years ago.

By arrogating Benedict’s spiritual heirship and asserting his sympathy for the LGBT cause, Francis is trying to wash his own image. To make it less objectionable to the Orthodox.

And thus save Operation Nicea 2025. In favor of which Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople sent a new pathetic message on the very day of Catholic Easter:

“It is scandalous to celebrate separately the one Resurrection of the one God.”

There is no doubt that God is unique and that His Resurrection is unique. Problems arise when you start discussing what “God” each other is talking about.

And if the two fit into the same ecumenical sheath.

(Which didn’t stop him “calendarists from Dâmbovița” to rejoice that they did not disturb last year’s Easter with alms and to warm up for this year as well.)

Unfortunately, Benedict XVI (about whom bad mouths say that he was put on the dead line precisely because he embarrassed the Great Ecumenical Reset) can neither confirm nor deny what the “pupil” from the Vatican tells: he died opportunely May well over two years, on December 31, 2022.

The article is in Romanian

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