Eight arrested in Cluj for drug trafficking in three distinct criminal cases


Eight arrested in Cluj for drug trafficking in three distinct criminal cases.

Yesterday, the policemen of the Cluj Organized Crime Brigade, together with DIICOT Cluj prosecutors, documented, in three criminal cases, the criminal activity of eight people, investigated for high-risk drug trafficking, in a continuous form and carrying out, without the right, operations with substances likely to have psychoactive effects. The investigators show that the investigations carried out in the first case showed that, between August 2023 and March 2024, seven people under investigation – one of whom evaded prosecution – allegedly possessed and sold, repeatedly, different quantities of drugs high risk in the form of crystal and psychoactive substances, it is 3-CMC, 4-MMC, 2-CMC and 2MMC, to consumers from several localities in Cluj, for amounts between 300 and 3,300 lei.

In the second instrumented case, it was noted that, from February last year until now, a suspect allegedly possessed, stored, handled and sold various quantities of a substance with a psychoactive effect – 2MMC -, to consumers in Cluj county, for amounts between 300 and 500 lei. Finally, in the third criminal case, the investigations highlighted that, between November 2023 and March 2024, two people, one of whom is evading prosecution, would have repeatedly sold different amounts of psychoactive substances, such as and high-risk drugs – 2MMC, 2-CMC and 4-CMC -, for amounts between 30 and 40 lei per gram.

The research in the three files involved no less than 27 home searches in several localities in Cluj, where approximately one kilogram of prohibited substances – 4MMC, 3CMC and 2CMC – as well as mobile phones, electronic scales were identified and seized accuracy, objects bearing traces of substance, sums of money in lei, as well as other evidence.

Yesterday the eight were detained and today the rights and freedoms judge of the Cluj Court ordered their preventive arrest for 30 days. The action benefited from the support of the policemen of the Mureș, Alba and Oradea organized crime brigades, as well as the policemen of Turda and Câmpia Turzii, as well as the policemen of the Transport Police, the gendarmes and a canine crew from the Cluj Regional Customs Directorate .

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