“He wanted to continue his business”


A few days after the launch of the FDGR candidates for the local elections, from which the deputy mayor Corina Bokor was absent, the president of the PSD county organization, Bogdan Trif, announces that he has become a party colleague with her.

“Sibiu Deputy Mayor Corina Bokor joins the PSD team. I’m glad that the deputy mayor chose to join our team! Together, we will become stronger, and his experience in local public administration will certainly be used for the benefit of the people of Sibiu, by the social democratic team”, writes Bogdan Trif, on his Facebook page.

Local councilor since 2012, then vice-mayor of Sibiu since 2014, Corina Bokor, says she wants to share her experience of the last decade with the social democrats who – four years ago – were widely attacking the organization of the Saxons. “It is an honor for me to join a very dynamic and eager team to develop Sibiu! I was and am an involved person. I saw the same involvement in the social democratic colleagues and that is why I decided to join the young PSD Sibiu team. During the 12 years that I was a local councilor and deputy mayor of the municipality of Sibiu, I worked and gave all my strength to realize important projects for the people of Sibiu. I want to share my experience with my social democratic colleagues, to make available to the team of which I am a part all the experience gained in my career, so that I can bring my projects to a successful conclusion and together realize new projects, which the people of Siberia are waiting for from local elected officials,” says Corina Bokor, according to Trif’s Facebook page.

The president of the Sibiu social democrats published several photos of Corina Bokor in the PSD headquarters, neighboring headquarters to the City Hall. Maria Greavu, mayor of Loamneș and president of the women’s organization of PSD Sibiu, Laura Barac, county councilor and president of PSD’s municipal organization, and Dan Cermonea, county councilor, also participated in the talks with the new PSD member transferred from FDGR, according to the photos. Florin Giubeca, who will run for Sibiu City Hall from the PSD, also appears in the images.

Porr: “Mr. Bokor is probably behind it”

The national president of FDGR, Paul Porr, believes that the recall of the deputy mayor of Sibiu is related to her family’s affairs. “It is Mrs. Bokor’s decision. Probably in the back is Mr. Bokor looking to continue his ice cream business downtown. Since the Forum no longer put Mrs. Bokor on the list, she looked for another party,” says Porr. He says that within the formation he leads there were no discussions with Corina Bokor about such a departure. “I don’t think it affects the image of FDGR. It affects the image of Corina Bokor”, says Paul Porr.

FDGR launched its candidates for the local elections in an event organized early last week, events in which Corina Bokor did not participate. At that time, none of the representatives of the Forum clarified the situation. “Mr. Tischer, who is the president of the Forum’s Siberian organization, will answer you,” replied Astrid Fodor.

Even Gabriel Tischer did not offer a clear answer, however. “As for Ms. Bokor, you will know when we release the full list of advisors,” Tischer said. “He didn’t discuss this topic with me,” Tischer replied, when asked if he had discussed with the vice-mayor of Sibiu about her desire to run again.

The Ice Cream War

Corina Bokor’s name has recently been associated with the so-called “ice cream war” in the historic center of Sibiu: Mihai Bokor, the husband of the vice-mayor of Sibiu, had at least one terrace selling ice cream at Gramaj, being accused of having other terraces through interlocutors, accusations rejected by him every time.

Tensions on this subject increased again at the beginning of this year, when the Sibiu City Hall erected the first terrace in the historic center, which belonged to an associate of Mihai Bokor. Before these decisions, the administration of the Public Domain was taken from Corina Bokor at the level of the management of the Sibiu City Hall.

As a result, in the meeting of the local Council at the end of last month, Mihai Bokor participated accompanied by his associate, who complained about the situation of the ice cream terraces.

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The recall campaign

The announcement of the recall of the deputy mayor of FDGR is made by the PSD Sibiu president two days after he announced that the liberal mayor of Jina, Vasile Beschiu, has also become a social democrat. In the last period, Bogdan Trif made several announcements regarding the transfer of some mayors, vice mayors and heads of party branches from competing parties to social democrats. It is the mayor and deputy mayor of the USR from Micăsasa, as well as the president of the USR Copșa Mică, the mayor (PMP) of Turnu Roșu, the interim mayor (PNL) of Marpod, the vice mayor of Alțâna (PMP), the mayor (PMP) of Roșia and the PNL vice mayor of Miercurea Sibiu.

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