National survey data showing that AUR is now the preferred party of young people. What voting intention do PSD, PNL and USR have in the parliamentary elections

National survey data showing that AUR is now the preferred party of young people. What voting intention do PSD, PNL and USR have in the parliamentary elections
National survey data showing that AUR is now the preferred party of young people. What voting intention do PSD, PNL and USR have in the parliamentary elections

The largest exhibition in Romania dedicated to Salvador Dalí, training programs for creators and professionals in the cultural field, theater performances addressing various current social issues and concerts dedicated to jazz lovers are some of the events in April at ARC – Gabroveni Inn, according to

Until May 12, the public can visit the exhibition “The Universe of Salvador Dalí”, a fascinating foray into the creation and life of the surrealist artist, through sculptures, jewelry and other works of art that illustrate his genius and versatility, but also through the VR experience, intended for visitors of all ages. The exhibition is open from Monday to Sunday, between 10:00 and 20:00, and access to the exhibition space is from 50-53 Gabroveni Street. Details and tickets are available on

The training program “Transformation of cultural occupations”, launched by ARCUB and INSULA 42, continues the registration session, until April 3. The first module of this program, entitled “Cultural policies and lifestyle”, will take place online, between April 11 and May 22, and is addressed to creators and professionals in the cultural field. Through the topics addressed by specialists in the field – experts, academics, creators, managers and administrators from the cultural system in Romania and other European countries -, the program aims to offer alternatives and solutions for the adaptation and contextualization of cultural projects to the challenges of the present, such as globalization, social media, the effects of artificial intelligence on work.

At the same time, the public is invited to reflect on current issues of contemporary society through the theater performances scheduled at the Great Hall – ARCUB. Thus, on Monday, April 22, from 7:00 p.m., the show “Someone is coming”, a psychological drama written by Jon Fosse, laureate of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2023, returns to the stage of the Gabroveni Inn. The show directed by Chris Simion-Mercurian explores the subtleties of communication and interpersonal relationships and stars Ofelia Popii, the actress awarded three times with the UNITER Award, and Ciprian Scurtea, actor of the “Radu Stanca” National Theater in Sibiu.

The independent production “RESPIRO – Vacation on the roof” presents, on Friday, April 26, from 7:00 p.m., at Sala Mare – ARCUB, a current topic in contemporary society: domestic violence and its devastating effects on women. The show directed by Corina Dragomir (who won the award for Best Direction for this production in the 8th edition of the COMIC 7 B International Independent Theater Festival competition) is an adaptation of the best Romanian play of the year 2018, “Matilda and the gravediggers” by Stela Giurgeanu. Placed in a minimalist setting, composed of white canvases, on which memories from a previous life are projected, the show is presented to the public by Ada Navrot (the award for the Best Actress for the role of Sonia – 8th edition of the International Festival competition by Teatru Independent COMIC 7 B), Ioana Abur, Laura Vasiliu, Dorin Enache and Cătălina Nichitin. The story presented on the ARCUB stage is a bittersweet comedy about three female characters determined to face the challenges of a new beginning, on a roof.

The ARCUB Jazz Live season continues to bring the music-loving audience to jazz chords in the Changing Times concert, performed by Sorin Zlat Trio on the stage of the Great Hall of the Gabroveni Inn, on Wednesday, April 24, from 7 p.m. Pianist Sorin Zlat, together with Adrian Flautistu (double bass) and Iulian Nicolau (drums), brings a new perspective on jazz music, connecting the jazz tradition with modern and contemporary influences. The three well-known artists will present to the public original compositions and orchestrations that cross the boundaries between cool jazz, post-bop, Latin, avant-garde, funk and neo-soul.

Tickets for the April performances are available online at and, as well as at the ARCUB ticket office (Strada Lipscani no. 84-90).

Time schedule

April 11 – May 22 | online

Training program “Transformation of cultural jobs”

Module I “Cultural policies and lifestyle”:

The transformation of cultural policies – Corina Şuteu

“Culture and technology” and “Corporations and culture” – Mihail-Valentin Cernea and Radu Uszkai

Cultural policies and liberal challenges – Frédéric Martel

The transformation of cultural diplomacy – Joachim Umlauf

Participation and consumer access to culture, changing the paradigm – Lluís Bonet

New skills in a rapidly evolving cultural landscape – Lluís Bonet

Cultural mediation – Corina Bucea

Culture and human rights – Mary Ann DeVlieg

The written word and social media – Andrei Crăciun

Culture and PR – Mirela Nagâţ

Design and fashion – Maurice Munteanu

Culture of influencers – Marius Chivu

The challenges of organizing major cultural events – Cristian Neagoe and Codruţa Vulcu

“Stardom” – Monica Bîrlădeanu

Registrations for the first module can be made until April 3rd by filling out the form available online. More information about the program is available on the dedicated page on the ARCUB website.

Monday, April 22 | 19.00 | Great Hall – ARCUB

“Someone’s Gotta Come” by Jon Fosse

Translation: Carmen Vioreanu

Directed by: Chris Simion-Mercurian

Scenography: Sabina and Bianca Vesteman

Choreography: Ioana Macarie

With: Ofelia Popii, Ciprian Scurtea

Performance duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes (without intermission)

Friday, April 26 | 19.00 | Great Hall – ARCUB

“RESPIRO – Vacation on the Roof”, adaptation of “Matilda and the Gravedigger” by Stela Giurgeanu

Directed by: Corina Dragomir

Scenography: Ileana Zirra

With: Ada Navrot, Ioana Abur, Laura Vasiliu, Dorin Enache, Cătălina Nichitin

Performance duration: 1 hour and 50 minutes (without intermission)

Wednesday, April 24 | 19.00 | Great Hall – ARCUB

ARCUB Jazz Live concert: Sorin Zlat Trio – Changing Times

Sorin Zlat (piano)

Adrian Flautistu (double bass)

Iulian Nicolau (drums)

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