A new bank in Romania. It will be released tomorrow, April 4th


The first Romanian digital bank appears

On Thursday, April 4, the first fully Romanian digital bank will be launched. It is about Salt Bank, owned by Banca Transilvania.

This digital bank was developed on the Revolut model.

The launch of Salt Bank follows the acquisition of Idea::Bank by Banca Transilvania.

Salt Bank represents a combination of cutting-edge technology and human empathy. It offers 100% digital banking services, accompanied by a fully humanized Call Center.

The bank believes in the power of technology to simplify and improve financial life, without neglecting essential human warmth and support.

“Salt Bank represents the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and human empathy, offering 100% digital banking services complemented by a fully humanized Care Center. We believe in the power of technology to simplify and improve financial life, without losing sight of essential human warmth and support”, is the bank’s message to the first customers who download the application.

Users were informed that the app offers options for savings, deposits and investments.

It was also mentioned that there is a Care Center where they can ask questions and talk to assistants.

Those who sign up for the app can become founders of Salt Bank, enjoying such additional benefits.

Salt Bank/PHOTO SOURCE: observatornews.ro

BT, the third most powerful banking brand in the world

From one year to the next, Banca Transilvania achieved notable performances in terms of recognition and prestige of its brand, recording peak results in 2024.

Banca Transilvania is among the most influential banking brands globally. It advanced from 7th position to 3rd place with an outstanding Brand Strength Index (BSI) of 92.3/100.

The Banca Transilvania brand registered a 34% increase compared to 2023. It reached the amount of 686.5 million dollars, climbing 44 positions in the ranking. It is now ranked 252nd.

In comparison, the previous year, the bank was in 297th place, with a value of 513 million dollars.

In 2023, Banca Transilvania reported a profit of approximately 2,491 million lei, up 14% compared to 2022. It also attracted 623,000 new customers, which represents, on average, 1,700 customers per calendar day.

Banca Transilvania debuted in the Brand Finance Banking 500 ranking in 2018, occupying position 486, with a brand valued at 174 million dollars.

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