Irregularities along the lines of labor contracts, at nurseries and kindergartens in Olt


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The Olt labor inspectors carried out, between March 25 and 29, at the level of Olt County, the National Campaign to verify the way in which the legal provisions regarding the conclusion and execution of individual employment contracts are respected by employers who carry out activities in the fields of “Preschool Education” ” – CAEN code 8510 and “Daily care activities for children” – CAEN code 8891. The irregularities found were not serious, recommendations and warnings being issued.

The Olt Territorial Labor Inspectorate carried out a new control action, in the last week of March, nurseries and kindergartens within the county were targeted. Following the 10 inspections carried out, the labor inspectors ordered 9 measures to remedy the identified deficiencies and 2 warnings were issued for non-compliance with the provisions of GD 905/2017 regarding the general employee record register.

“The most frequent deficiencies found were: failure to transmit within the legal term the elements of the individual employment contract, no later than the day before the start of the activity of the employees in question; completing the general register of employees with erroneous data; non-compliance with the legal provisions regarding the record of working time and subjecting this record to the control of labor inspectors; non-distribution of the work schedule for part-time employees; incomplete internal regulation.”, shows the institution.

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