Actions of IPJ Covasna to prevent and combat violations committed by those who drive bicycles or scooters


Between April 1-7 of this year, the policemen of Covasna County will be engaged in specific actions to reduce the road risk on the county’s roads. These actions, carried out under the coordination of the Covasna Road Service, are mainly aimed at preventing and combating violations committed by those who drive bicycles or scooters, avoiding their involvement in road accidents, detecting motor vehicle drivers under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances, as well as enforcing compliance traffic laws by all road users.

The activities of traffic policemen are intended to make traffic participants aware of the consequences of violating traffic rules. Moreover, legal action will be taken against those who endanger traffic safety. These actions are all the more necessary as, at the level of Covasna county, in the first three months of this year, there were 9 serious traffic accidents, resulting in the death of 4 people and the serious injury of 7 others. Three of the serious accidents , resulting in the serious injury of 3 people, occurred as a result of violations committed by cyclists.


In the light of increased concern for traffic safety and the prevention of road accidents, we would like to draw attention to the importance of a responsible approach to the use of bicycles and scooters in public space. Road accidents, unfortunately, remain a serious reality, and those involving bicycle or scooter drivers sometimes lead to irreparable consequences.

It is essential that cyclists are aware of their vulnerability in traffic and adopt preventive behaviors to protect their own safety and avoid accidents. In this regard, we would like to emphasize the following recommendations:

  • Follow the traffic rules: Cyclists are an integral part of road traffic and must obey traffic signs and rules, such as traffic lights, road signs and road markings.
  • Be visible: Use protective equipment and clothing with reflective elements, especially in low visibility or dark conditions.
  • Use the lights and beeps: Install lights and reflectors on your bike to make yourself visible at night or in low visibility conditions. Use audible signals to let you know the presence of other road users.
  • Keep your distance and anticipate the actions of other road users: Be alert and anticipate the movements of drivers and other cyclists to avoid collisions and accidents.
  • Keep the speed within the permissible limits: Adapting your speed to the traffic conditions and the environment is essential to prevent accidents.
  • Keep the bike in proper technical condition: Periodically check your bike’s brakes, lights, and other components to make sure they are working properly and are safe.
  • Be careful when opening the doors of parked cars: While driving, be aware of parked cars and the potential for their doors to open.

Road safety is a shared responsibility and following the relevant rules and precautions is essential for the protection of all road users, including cyclists.

By maintaining our commitment to road safety, we can all help reduce accidents and create a safer and friendlier environment for cyclists and all road users.

(IPJ Covasna Press Office)



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