Poland asks Israel to “compensate” the families of aid workers killed in Gaza

Poland asks Israel to “compensate” the families of aid workers killed in Gaza
Poland asks Israel to “compensate” the families of aid workers killed in Gaza

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04/02/2024 22:29

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Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Szejna said on Tuesday that Israel must provide explanations, name those responsible and “compensate” the families of seven aid workers, including a Pole, from the American NGO World Central Kitchen, killed in Gaza during an Israeli strike, reports AFP.

Seven WCK collaborators were killed in an Israeli attack on Monday, the organization said on Tuesday, announcing the suspension of its activities in the region, Agerpres recalls.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged on Tuesday that “unfortunately there was a tragic incident in which our forces unintentionally hit innocent people in the Gaza Strip.”

Israeli authorities must determine “who should be prosecuted for pushing a certain button” and think “how to compensate the families of the victims, even if it is impossible to do so with money,” Szejna told the station. private ZET.

During the day, the Polish foreign minister announced that he “personally requested urgent explanations from the Israeli ambassador Yacov Livne”.

“I was assured that Poland will soon receive the results of an investigation into this tragedy,” Radoslaw Sikorski said on the X social network, adding that Warsaw plans to conduct its own investigation into the case.

Among the humanitarian workers killed were confirmed one Pole, one Australian and one with dual citizenship, American and Canadian, and three British.

They are reportedly the first foreign volunteers to be killed in the war that has caused massive casualties among the Palestinian population since Israel launched its military campaign in the Gaza Strip against the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.

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