Microsoft is developing a chatbot for Xbox

Microsoft is developing a chatbot for Xbox
Microsoft is developing a chatbot for Xbox

The Xbox console will soon have its own chatbot, which will be used to automate technical support tasks.

Microsoft is currently testing a chatbot for Xbox game consoles, according to company sources cited by The Verge.

The chatbot will answer questions that would normally have gone to tech support representatives, and appears to be part of a larger effort by the company to imbue its gaming console with artificial intelligence.

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Apparently called Xbox AI, the chatbot has knowledge related to the content of the technical support pages and is connected to the ecosystem of the console.

Thus, it can answer users’ questions and will be able to solve even advanced tasks, such as returning purchases and transferring back paid money.

For now, the chatbot is being tested with a limited number of users, a test that was also confirmed by the company’s representatives.

“The prototype makes it easier and faster for players to get help with support topics by using natural language and retrieving information from existing support pages,” says Microsoft.

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