Mircea Sandu sold his house in Nice and bought 3 apartments in the “city of billionaires”

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Mircea Sandu bought 3 apartments in Monte Carlo – Monaco

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The one nicknamed “The Godfather” used the amount received in exchange to purchase 3 apartments at Monte Carlo (Monaco), more precisely in the area Beausoleil, near the “city of billionaires”, at a very short distance from the French Riviera, he writes sportpesurse.ro.

The area where Mircea Sandu purchased his 3 apartments is famous for the superb views it offers.

The former head of the FRF will move into one of the apartments, he will give one to his daughter, Raluca Sandu (44 years old – PHOTO below), and he will rent the third in exchange for the monthly sum of 10,000 euros, the quoted source also writes.

Mircea Sandu held the position of president of the FRF between 1990 and 2014, during which the Romanian national team qualified for two World Championships (1994 and 1998) and 3 European Championships (1996, 2000 and 2008).

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Mircea Sandu told everyone where the nickname “The Godfather” comes from

Mircea Sandu, in the Digi Sport studio / Photo: Digi Sport

Mircea Sandu (age 71) drove Romanian Football Federation from August 1990 to March 2014.

Răzvan Burleanu was appointed in his place, the one who is at the forefront of Romanian football even today.

In an extensive interview, Mircea Sandu was asked where his nickname “The Godfather” comes from. The former president of the FRF revealed that everything started from the period in which he played as a footballer, after a Sportul – Dinamo match, and that it has nothing to do with the “arrangements” he was accused of over time.

“‘Sandu Mircea to live / The Godfather of Dinamo you are’, this is where it started, from the master ‘Ilie Galerie’, the head of the Sportul gallery.

The godfather does not come from the dresser, the arranger or I know what, these are taken out of the press. You can’t only have appreciation, people have to criticize you, that’s normal. But I wasn’t a football godfather“, said Mircea Sandu, according to the podcast broadcast on Youtube, “Un Podcast”.

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