Galati, the host of the final junior tournament I

Galati, the host of the final junior tournament I
Galati, the host of the final junior tournament I

Our city will be, starting Wednesday, the host of an important national competition.

Between May 8-12, in Galaţi, at the “Dunărea” Sports Hall, the games of the final tournament of the Junior National Handball Championship category I will be played. For five days, the eight best teams in the country will compete to establish the hierarchy of the current season. Among the eight are also two groups from Galaţi, CS Municipal and ACS Lucian Bute. The eight participants in the final tournament were divided into two groups of four teams each. In Group A: CSM Bucharest, “Liviu Rebreanu” Theoretical High School Turda, Activ Prahova Ploiești and CSM Știința Bucharest; Group B: CSM Galați, ACS Lucian Bute Galaţi, Sepsi Sf. Gheorghe and Rapid Bucharest. Indeed, it is the best teams in the country who won the right to participate in this final tournament through the successes accumulated in the regular season, continuing with those in the Value Group I.

The first three days will see the group stage matches (8-10 May), then the semi-finals and the ranking games for places 5-8 (11 May), with the finals taking place on Sunday 12 May.

The match session on the first day will start at 2:00 p.m., with the last one taking place at 8:00 p.m., and on Thursday, the schedule will start with matches starting at 10:00 a.m.

The Galata derby, on the first day of the tournament

The local derby between CSM Galați and ACS Lucian Bute, the two co-organizing clubs of the final tournament, will be on the first day. CSM Galați then has to play the following teams: Rapid (May 9) and Sepsi (May 10).

Coach Sanda Asandei (CSM Galați) presents herself with the following batch of players: Sofia Balan, Ariana Ardeleanu – Bianca Trincă, Doriana Pelin, Cosmina Dănilă, Alice Bălănică, Daria Dabija, Iris Baștină, Elena Bîrlădeanu, Andreea Zugrăvel, Denisa Bordeianu, Roberta Păduraru , Ana Stoenescu, Alexandra Comănescu, Maya Darie, Alexia Bucner, Monica Scarlat, Delia Ghimpu and Gabriela Bujor.

The second team from Galața will support the second and third matches, with Sepsi and Rapid, respectively. The team from ACS Lucian Bute competes with the following team of players (coached by Nicoleta Vlad, assisted by Bogdan Fuică): Andreea Pisiceanu, Antonia Trifan – Daria Mihăilă, Claudia Decianu, Aylin Akpinar, Bianca Oprișan, Adnana Ancerenco, Maria Chiriliuc, Denisa Constandache, Daria Crăciun, Ana Maria Gavrila, Athena Lupea, Denisa Iorga, Miriam Benattane, Daria Gânsac and Bianca Ungureanu. The batch could be completed with a few girls from the Junior II team.

The teams CSM Bucharest, Rapid Bucharest and ACS Lucian Bute Galați are rated as favorites for this tournament.

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