Moral damages of 5,000 euros, from the Romanian State, for the former spiritual leader of MISA, Gregorian Bivolaru – Final decision at the Alba Iulia Court of Appeal


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Moral damages of 5,000 euros, from the Romanian State, for the former spiritual leader of MISA, Gregorian Bivolaru – Final decision at the Alba Iulia Court of Appeal

The former spiritual leader and “guru” of the MISA (Spiritual Integration Movement in the Absolute) organization and yoga school, Gregorian Bivolaru, has definitively obtained financial damages from the Romanian State for the criminal case in which he was investigated and tried for 17 years.

In the end, he was acquitted of some charges, and the statute of limitations ran out for other acts. The Alba Iulia Court of Appeal reduced moral damages 10 times, from the amount of 50,000 euros initially awarded by the Sibiu Court, to only 5,000 euros. The magistrates considered that the duration of the trial “seriously affected his way of life”, but they considered that the amount of damage decided by the trial court was far too high.

Gregorian Bivolaru (72 years old) complained that he was investigated and tried, from 2004 until 2021, in the file of the MISA group, in which he was accused, among other things, of human trafficking and the establishment of an organized criminal group. DIICOT Bucharest sued 21 people in 2007.

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Other accusations referred to the commission of the crimes of establishing a fascist, racist or xenophobic organization, illegal crossing of the border of a foreign state, association to commit crimes, outrage against good morals and disturbance of public peace, contesting or denying in public of the holocaust.

Through the criminal sentence handed down in January 2020, the Cluj Court acquitted the defendants or found that the facts were statute-barred. DIICOT and one of the victims filed an appeal, but the solution remained final on February 16, 2021 by decision of the Cluj-Napoca Court of Appeal.

The abuses claimed by the MISA leader

Bivolaru stated in the action by which he requested damages from the Romanian State that “opinion was intoxicated with the image of a so-called asocial community, a place where young people get lost, the headquarters of repulsive customs and, above all, a place where real orgies took place “.

According to him, MISA was classified as a sect and even, at one point, was associated with the AUM group, the author of a bomb attack in the Tokyo subway. “All the documents circulating between the institutions showed, even at that time, that the vast majority of yoga practitioners in the MISA Esoteric School were intellectuals with higher education.

Both the applicant and many students of the MISA Yoga School were permanently, starting in 1990, under the unceasing surveillance of the secret services, which were also involved, moreover, both in the campaign against MISA and against the applicant” , claimed the former head of MISA.

Bivolaru also stated that the “shocking peak” of abuses against yoga practitioners was represented by the raids on March 18, 2004, in which more than 130 prosecutors, gendarmes and policemen participated, being the largest police action up to that time, called by “Operation CHRIST” authorities. Finally, after analyzing the evidence submitted to the file, the courts considered that the trial was not so complex that it could not be tried within a reasonable time.

“Being part of a criminal procedure lasting approximately 17 years constitutes a serious impact on a person’s way of life, mental and emotional state”, the magistrates claimed. The judges also took into account “the negative effects on the life of the applicant – a public figure, known nationally and internationally as a yoga teacher, with extensive publishing activity in this field”.

“The defendant, the Romanian State, through the Ministry of Finance, is obliged to pay the plaintiff Bivolaru Gregorian the sum of 5,000 euros (equivalent in lei at the date of payment), as moral damages, as a result of the finding of non-compliance with the reasonable term for carrying out a criminal judicial procedure in which was the plaintiff involved”, it is specified in the decision of the Alba Iulia Court of Appeal of April 30, 2024.

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