Fewer power outages this week

Fewer power outages this week
Fewer power outages this week

Distributie Energie Electrică Romania – Galați Branch continues the scheduled works on the electrical networks. There are works foreseen in the company’s investment plan, lasting up to four hours (in the municipality) or up to six-seven hours (in the rest of the county). Power outages caused by these works generally occur in the early part of the day.

Tuesday, May 14in the municipality of Galați, will be affected by the power outages on the streets of Toamnei, Macazului, Aleea Nordului (SP 3 Apa Canal), Macului (Professional Marine Trays, Matex Glass, UGAL) and Bazinul Nou (Port Bazinul Nou, Metaltrade International) ).

In the county, there will be temporary power outages in the towns of Fundeni (streets, station area, military unit, Socub furniture factory) and Frumușita (streets, CRR and Serafin areas, school, central area, former VA and the exit to Scânteiești).

Wednesday, May 15work will be done on the networks at the Extravilan Danube pumping stations (SPP 1 IEELIF, Pompe Zătun, SPE 1-D, the Zătun exploitation station) and, in the county, in the towns of Fundeni, Foltești and Frumușita.

Thursday, May 16consumers from Micro 38, str. Milcov (blocks J1, K2, N9, N10, N15, T6, U1, Y1-Y3, Y25, CSG hostel, “Pufan” School, SC 4 Apa Canal, Calorgal will be temporarily without power ), as well as from the streets of Cărămidăriei, Trotuș, Depoului (Agios SRL, Depou CFR Călători), Calea Prutului (FAM SA).

In the county, there will be works at Schela, throughout the town, with interruptions at different intervals, depending on the area.

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