MANGALIA remains 24 hours WITHOUT potable water

MANGALIA remains 24 hours WITHOUT potable water
MANGALIA remains 24 hours WITHOUT potable water

In the municipality of Mangalia, on Thursday – April 4, 2024, works will be carried out to connect the new water supply pipes to the centralized system at the intersection of Oituz and Portului streets.

As a result, on April 4, 2024, the supply of drinking water will be stopped for 24 hours, between 00.00 and 24.00.

Consumers in the area bounded by the Șos intersection will be affected by the lack of water. Constanţei with Matei Basarab str., including those from the Colonisti Quarter in the city of Mangalia.

During this interval, in the sector from the entrance to the city of Mangalia to the first roundabout (the intersection of Constanţei Road with Rozelor St. – left side), water will be supplied with low pressure.

The water supply interruption interval is determined by the length of the installations, their diameter and the water flow, the time required to empty and fill the distribution network being approximately 12 hours. The resumption of drinking water supply will be carried out progressively in each affected area.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to subscribers, who are assured that the builder’s response teams will do their best to complete the work and resume drinking water supply in a timely manner.
At the same time, we ask all users affected by these works to ensure their minimum reserve of water for consumption and domestic use during the period when the water supply will be stopped.

Editor – Daniel Șăndăreanu

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