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On April 2nd, the 32nd anniversary of the re-establishment of the Sălaj County Council was marked in a gala that celebrated excellence and performance. Athletes, exceptional students, people of culture and businessmen who do honor to the Country of Sylvania were awarded and congratulated for their contribution to the promotion of their native lands.

The anniversary event brought together, on Tuesday evening, representatives of local and county administrations, institutions, religious cults in the county, and educational institutions.

“We are happily celebrating 32 years since the re-establishment of the Sălaj County Council, on which occasion I would like to send a message of thanks to all those who have contributed to the development of our county.

I thank the presidents, vice-presidents, past and present county councilors, former and current employees, as well as our collaborators.

My gratitude also goes to the citizens of the Country of Sylvania for all the support given during all these years of activity.

We continue to work together, in the same direction, respecting our slogan: !”, was the message of the president of the Sălaj County Council, Dinu Iancu-Sălăjanu.

The performance and excellence of the Sălăjeans, which we are proud of, were crowned with the “Sălăjean Sun” distinction, a symbol of local folk art.

As a sign of appreciation and great gratitude, this award was given to villagers from various fields of activity, who give value to the Country of Sylvania:

Valeria Motogna – carrying the flag of Romania at the Beijing Olympics, since 2008, and captain of the National Handball Team

Raluca Anton – psychologist and psychotherapist

Ioan Chezan – teacher, conductor, director of the first music school in the county

Mircea Groza – culinary archaeologist

Gheorghe Ilea – painter

Vasile Pădurean – entrepreneur, former president of the Sălaj Chamber of Commerce and Industry and of the “Acasă” Foundation

Bogdan Ilies – savior of historical monuments

Dumitru Blaga – entrepreneur, president of the Romanian Furniture Manufacturers Association

Bogdan Juravle – urologist at Zalău County Emergency Hospital

Constantin Cobârzan – mathematics teacher, former director of the “Silvania” Zalău National College

In the same frame, the athletes were awarded Diana Tanasescu (In 2023, she won the first silver medal in the history of Salăje boxing at a European Championship, she is multiple national champion and multiple gold medalist at the Romanian Cup) and Patrik Bolduț (Component of the Romanian national team, national tennis champion in 2022 – the greatest performance for Salăje tennis in the last 20 years, 5th place with the national team at the European Championship, national team champion in 2022), along with their coaches: Adrian Poputea and Sergiu Carp.

Prizes and diplomas were also awarded to students who achieved outstanding results at international school Olympiads, as well as to teachers who guided them:

Roland Petreanstudent at the “Silvania” Zalău National College, silver medal at the European Junior Informatics Olympiad and the Balkan Junior Informatics Olympiad, teachers Loredana Gavriș and Florin Morar

Elekes Abigélstudent at the “Simion Bărnutiu” Secondary School Zalău, mention at the International Olympiad of Hungarian Language, Literature and Culture “Apáczai Csere János”, teacher Pataki Ida

Patrick logstudent at the “Silvania” Zalău National College, third place at the Mathematics Olympiad for Hungarian high schools in Europe, teacher Katalin Turdean

During the same event, a summary of the activity of the Sălaj County Council in the period 2020-2024 was presented, highlighting the projects and achievements that contributed to the development of our county.

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