A man from Gorj committed suicide in a terrifying way. The way he ended his days shocked everyone

A man from Gorj committed suicide in a terrifying way. The way he ended his days shocked everyone
A man from Gorj committed suicide in a terrifying way. The way he ended his days shocked everyone

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A 34-year-old man from Gorj ended his days in a terrifying way. The manner in which he committed suicide shocked everyone, including the authorities.

Shocking suicide in Gorj. The man used a thong to end his days

At the age of 34, a man resorted to a shocking gesture. The man decided to end his life, and the way he did it terrified everyone. The tragedy took place a day ago, in the municipality of Motru, in Gorj county.

According to the first information, it seems that the man may have used a strap. He would have hung himself with the strap, which was tied to a car, from the parapets of the road.

It seems that the man would have then taken the car out of gear, and the action consisted of a suicide. The man ended up hanged, according to antena3.ro.

A man from Gorj committed suicide in a terrifying way

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Several crews would have immediately moved to the scene of the tragic incident. Unfortunately, the doctors could not do anything to save the man, the medical crews declared his death.

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There would have been no signs of violence on the man’s lifeless body.

Authorities are awaiting autopsy results to determine the exact cause of death.

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The way he ended his days shocked everyone

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On April 2, at 00:10, the Strehaia Police was notified by a man from Motru municipality, Gorj county, regarding the fact that, near the radio broadcasting relay in the town of Grozești, a person was allegedly hanged next to a car. On the spot, the Streha policemen went and, from the checks carried out, determined that a 34-year-old man from Gorj County had hanged himself with a rope. Following the examination of the lifeless body, no traces of violence were found, and it was transported to the Forensic Medicine Service in order to perform the necropsy and establish the causes of death. The investigation into the crime of manslaughter continuesaccording to the statement sent by the authorities, according to antena3.ro.

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According to the previously cited source, in his car, the authorities would have found a list with several names, which would represent the people to whom the man would have owed money.

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