Stoltenberg appeals to the US to help Ukraine: “It is also in their interest that Putin does not win the war”

Stoltenberg appeals to the US to help Ukraine: “It is also in their interest that Putin does not win the war”
Stoltenberg appeals to the US to help Ukraine: “It is also in their interest that Putin does not win the war”

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04/03/2024 16:11

Stoltenberg says Russia has “overwhelming military power”. PHOTO: Profimedia Images

The Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, expects the American legislature to take a decision as soon as possible to unblock military aid to Ukraine, as it is in the security interest of the USA that Putin does not win the war, reports Agerpres.

He said upon arrival at the NATO foreign ministers’ meeting that the situation in Ukraine was “demanding and difficult” and that he appreciated everything the allies had done, but stressed that more needed to be done to help the country invaded by Russia.

Also, Stoltenberg said that in order to “organize and launch offensives”, Ukraine must know what it can rely on, namely “what type of equipment, and what type of support, and what type of maintenance”.

The Secretary General of NATO stated that it is important, in the context of the situation in Ukraine, for the allies to make decisions quickly.

“This, of course, also means the USA, because the USA is not the only supporter of Ukraine. In fact, European allies and Canada provide approximately 50% of military aid to Ukraine. So this is a joint effort of the US, European allies and Canada. But, of course, the US is the biggest ally and provides the biggest military aid. And the fact that there was no agreement in the US Congress on additional support has consequences,” Stoltenberg told reporters.

Stoltenberg says Russia has “overwhelming military power”

The NATO Secretary General reiterated that this is one of the reasons why Ukraine needs to rationalize the number of artillery shells fired to resist Russia, which has “overwhelming military power”.

“And the answer to this is to make the decision including in the US Congress. Any delay has real consequences on the battlefield. I met with senators, members of the House of Representatives and they assured me that there is a large majority in the US Congress for support. So the problem now is to turn this majority from a decision into a vote. And I hope that this will happen as soon as possible”, Stoltenberg expressed his hope.

“I expect the U.S. to make a decision now because it is in the U.S. security interest to ensure that President Putin does not win in Ukraine, not least because if he did, it would embolden other authoritarian leaders, including Beijing , to use military force and violate international law,” Stoltenberg emphasized.

Asked by journalists how he comments on the Ukrainian leaders’ statement that Russia is preparing a major counteroffensive in May or June, Stoltenberg avoided a concrete answer.

“We see an increase in Russian military forces, we see how they receive ammunition from North Korea and Iran. A significant amount of weapons and ammunition. We see that Russia has been able to put its economy on a war footing and we see how Russia is willing to pay a very high price in terms of people and material for marginal gains on the battlefield in Ukraine with little or no regard for human life “, he also said.

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