George Simion brought in AUR Cluj on Elena Udrea’s criminal fine, Adrian Gurzau. I am withdrawing my vote for AUR, I am not going to vote anymore

George Simion brought in AUR Cluj on Elena Udrea’s criminal fine, Adrian Gurzau. I am withdrawing my vote for AUR, I am not going to vote anymore
George Simion brought in AUR Cluj on Elena Udrea’s criminal fine, Adrian Gurzau. I am withdrawing my vote for AUR, I am not going to vote anymore

Note: I said yesterday that, forced by circumstances, I will vote for AUR in June 2024. After today’s phase, in which I found out that Elena Udrea’s penalties were put by George Simion in AUR Cluj, I will give up voting for AUR, so I have nothing left to do but make a barbecue on June 9, because I have no reason to go to vote. Simion makes a mockery of the whole electoral game. Opportunism is understandable, because it doesn’t have people and structures, but it’s not right to go down to criminal courts either. (Liviu Alexa)

Exclusively, shows that even George Simion’s AUR was infested with prominent members of the old PDL – people raised politically by Emil Boc (hence the strong as a scarf campaign against Emil Boc of the AUR in Cluj- Napoca).

It is about the political rats raised in Boc’s shadow, those who took care of the affairs of some heavy PDL leaders, close to Baron OSĂ of Cluj-Napoca, people who held important positions at the time when Baron Boc and his party were in charge Cluj and Romania. There are people who changed parties (at the behest and under the direction of Boc – I know perfectly well how the PMP Foundation was established and how the party emerged from this Foundation) and who remained connected to each other through business affairs.

Did you think that the son of Elena Udrea, the criminal Adrian Gurzău, disappeared from the political landscape after the stake of SDC Imobiliare? No, he crawled straight out of the sewers into the position of Deputy General Secretary of the AUR. He is the man that Boc made – from a simple employee at RAAPS – a local councilor and then, three times, a deputy (one end of his mandate at the PDL, precisely at the Baron’s direction, when he went to be prime minister, a full PDL mandate and another ended with arrest and criminal conviction for influence peddling, from the PMP).

Another Cluj resident from Gurzău’s gang, one of the friends of the real estate agents from the time when land was bought on the Cluj coclauri, former PMP-ist, is Mihai Curteanu, who seems to be the de facto manager of AUR Cluj. Mihai Curteanu is the one who deleted it from PMP to PSD with the entire youth organization of the Cluj branch. Seeing that he doesn’t make many fleas at PSD Cluj – a dead business, he allied himself “civicly” on a kind of association/foundation with the scaly politician Horia Nasra. He didn’t do more than screw up there either, so the inevitable breakup happened. So he recovered at AUR Cluj.

But let’s read the material of the colleagues from Actual de Cluj, I say:

George Simion does not campaign against BOC at all in Cluj Napoca and in no case does he expose himself to the level he does in cities such as Timișoara, Iași, Bucharest, Alba or any other city in the country, especially now in the pre-election campaign . The serious thing is that Simion is sabotaging his own candidate for Cluj Napoca City Hall and he doesn’t even shy away from showing it, precisely to allow the AUR electorate to understand that it is actually natural for Emil Boc to remain mayor of Cluj, because “he wouldn’t he had someone to beat him”.

Even though he arrived in Cluj, Simion took care not to show up at the AUR conference, where Călin Cozma’s candidacy for Cluj Napoca City Hall was officially launched. Instead, he went to a radio show (“Someș Dej”), where he was asked about the solution that his AUR party has for Cluj City Hall.


He quickly offered a sly answer, such as “he has no solution for Cluj City Hall”, although the information regarding the candidacy of his party colleague had appeared in the local Cluj press even before Friday, when the conference was held in which the candidate was announced GOLD for Cluj Napoca City Hall.

“I haven’t. I have no solutions, until this moment. That a monopoly has been established and because the fear of Boc is so great and because it effectively controls the press, judges, controls everything in Cluj’s public life… I have no choice in Cluj. Of course we will have lists at local councils and county councils and we will fight with them from there. But I can’t come now and be a hypocrite and say that I’m going to beat Boc”, said Simion on Radio Someș.

The same Simion, however, had no problem being a “hypocrite” in Târgu Mureș, two days later, where he participated in the lavish presentation of Dr. Cristian Vântu’s candidacy for Mayor. On stage in Târgu Mureș, Simion no longer felt the need to be realistic and convey to the AUR candidate that he has no chance of winning, especially in the city that in 2020 voted with a large majority for a representative of the Hungarian UDMR formation. Simion didn’t even tell the AUR candidate that the competition with PNL and PSD is too tough, who also threw an “independent” into the race for Târgu Mureș City Hall, also a doctor, and another one who is rated very well in the polls. On the contrary, Simion did exactly what a political leader should do in Mureș, that is, he encouraged the candidate Cristian Vântu and declared war on the current Mures administrative leadership.

Only in Cluj does George Simion mimic the opposition, always taking care not to disturb Emil Boc’s skeletons in the closet. You haven’t seen/heard Simion storming through Cluj City Hall with the AUR-ists, as he did in Timișoara, Iași, Bucharest, Giurgiu, Bacău, Piatra Neamț and the list can go on. You didn’t even see him marching in Cluj with large protests, chanting against Emil Boc or Alin Tișe (president of the Cluj County Council). In the last 4 years, Simion directed at most one opposition movement in Cluj Napoca, and that too weak and aimed against the PNL and not directly against Emil Boc. There was another skit last year in the summer, with two activists from Constanța, AUR members, and that lacked substance, without continuity and without moving Boc a millimeter. Otherwise, AUR members don’t seem to even exist in Cluj Napoca, and not because they don’t physically exist, or because there aren’t a lot of problems in Cluj Napoca for the opposition to point out. Not.

The lack of opposition from the AUR in Cluj is based on a simple reasoning, namely that prominent members of the old PDL – people brought up politically by Emil Boc – are now members of the AUR. And we are not talking about some random people, but about those who took care of the affairs of some heavy PDL leaders, close to the mayor Emil Boc, people who held important positions at the time when Emil Boc and his party ruled Cluj and Romania. We are talking about people who, although they changed parties, remained connected to each other as a big family, primarily through business, and the first one who needs to be remembered is the Cluj Adrian Gurzău, currently deputy general secretary of the AUR.

He is the man that Boc made – from a simple RAAPS employee – a local councilor and then twice a deputy, a position from which Gurzău was criminally convicted for influence peddling. But the situation did not scare Boc’s man, who later entered into a business partnership with Elena Udrea (former Minister of Development), also a close friend of Boc. Another Cluj man from Boc’s gang, former PDL-ist, who de facto leads AUR Cluj, is Mihai Curteanu, also a good friend of Gurzău, also attached to the real estate business that Udrea tried to perfect in Cluj with his help Emil Boc and through businessman Ștefan Berciu.

We are talking about the “Transilvania Smart City” business, launched towards the end of 2021 in an extensive advertising campaign in which Emil Boc was a participant. The mayor of Cluj praised in the public space, at the time, the “big investment” that will revitalize an unbuilt area in the municipality of Cluj Napoca (several tens of hectares of Borzaș hill-Someșeni district, Moș Ion Roată street), an area overlooking the landfill Pata Rât, the project with which Elena Udrea (former minister in the Boc Government) was identified, a character who is currently in prison, convicted for acts of corruption. Adrian Gurzău, Elena Udrea’s friend and son-in-law, was the one who took care of the business, together with Elena Udrea’s life partner, businessman Alexandru Alexandrov, and with the help of his friend Mihai Curteanu. We will not detail here how this project went, because currently there are several actions in court by Cluj-based businessman Ștefan Berciu, the latter accusing the members of Boc’s gang, now AUR members, of covered by 4.5 million euros.

Returning to the AUR and the fact that the formation is in a tacit partnership with Emil Boc in Cluj, it must be emphasized that after the elections on June 9, the creation of political alliances at the level of administrative forums, the Local Council and the County Council, even more so since the PNL will not succeed in obtaining a majority of over 50% in Cluj, as it did not obtain in the 2020 elections either. AUR, Simion’s party is the first contender in terms of forming a majority with Boc&Tișe’s PNL, in the Cluj administrative forums , and we have five important arguments in this sense:

1. Mayor Emil Boc first of all needs a strong currency in the negotiations he will have with the PSD leaders from the center, for the high position he wants to occupy at the European level (as president of the European Committee of the Regions or European Commissioner), or for the head of the Constitutional Court. In this context, AUR is the ace up Emil Boc’s sleeve, especially if the George Simion formation manages an electoral score of around 10%, i.e. more than the PSD achieved in the municipality in the last local elections. Obviously, the PSD leaders would not want an AUR deputy mayor to remain in charge of Cluj with a majority in the City Council made up of Boc’s people (those from PNL) and Boc’s people (those from AUR).

2. If the leaders of the future Government will not respond to Emil Boc’s requests, it will be within his reach to make an alliance with AUR, considering that the members of this formation serve Boc. Here you have to take into account that the new administrative structures start their mandates only in September, even if the local elections take place on June 9. Therefore, from June 9 until September, political negotiations will be held that will be in the interest of the elected mayor.

3. AUR together with George Simion can withstand the USR-ists, PSD-ists, etc., in possible political confrontations, in other words, Boc gains peace of mind and can be relieved of a task that in the last 4 years has taken quite a beating of the head

4. Emil Boc’s political speech is almost nothing different from the speech that George Simion usually has, on the nationalist line, the only difference would be that Simion assumes to be aggressive.

5. If he does not get what he will ask from the Government, Boc would rather make a majority with AUR in the City Council, because in Cluj there is no tradition regarding an alliance of liberals with PSD anyway. Even if there have been small understandings between the leaders of the two big parties, for different objectives, an official cooperation protocol has never existed. The two electoral pools, that of the PNL and that of the PSD, are well determined in Cluj Napoca, especially that of the social democrats which, although it does not exceed 10-12%, remains loyal to left-wing policies. In 2012, when at the national level the foundations of the PSD-PNL alliance (known as USL – Social-Liberal Union) were laid, Boc was among the few mayors in the country who preferred to stay in the Cluj Napoca Local Council in an alliance only with UDMR. At the Cluj County Council instead, a majority was created between the PSD and the PNL, but this, as expected, did not work, the social democrats soon becoming the main opponents of the liberal president Horea Uioreanu, who was in office at the time.

The article is in Romanian

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