Mihail Neamtu finally got a place on the AUR list at the European Parliament. Papahagi: “I’m lying with serenity, this is how our amicitia broke down”

Mihail Neamtu finally got a place on the AUR list at the European Parliament. Papahagi: “I’m lying with serenity, this is how our amicitia broke down”
Mihail Neamtu finally got a place on the AUR list at the European Parliament. Papahagi: “I’m lying with serenity, this is how our amicitia broke down”

Mihail Neamtu, former supporter of Traian Basescu, close to the former PDL leadership, will run for the European Parliament elections on the lists of the AUR party.

“If you vote for AUR in the European Parliament, you will have the voice of Mihai Neamtu, if you vote for a PSD-PNL mayor and do not give importance to the vote for the European Parliament, instead of Mihai Neamtu, Virgil Popescu, the former energy minister, will end up there, you know what did he do”, said George Simion in Neamtu’s podcast.

Neamtu confirmed on Wednesday that he will be on the AUR list for Brussels. His speech is strikingly similar to that of Viktor Orban in Hungary.

“I will go to Brussels so that, together with other conservatives, Christian democrats and European sovereignists, we can restore a historical truth: the European Union was, initially, a cultural and economic project, by no means an ideological experiment: a construction based on Christianity, strong families, unfettered trade, subsidiarity and the free movement of goods and people.

Green policies have impoverished the European middle class. We must stop the centralism and dirigism of the bureaucrats from Brussels.

I will ask for the consecration of the referendum as a privileged means of consulting the will of the Romanian people in essential matters that affect the life of the nation: immigration, the definition of the family, the expansion of the EU.

I will fight daily to stop illegal and uncontrolled migration from outside the European Union to the countries of the old continent.

I am firmly opposed to quotas and the displacement of foreign populations on Romanian territory. We cannot turn Europe into a Tower of Babel.

I am asking for the limitation of the right to asylum on the territory of Romania, without exceeding one hundred people annually (and the applications must be submitted outside the national territory).

Multiculturalism is a terrible failure of the last decades. The assimilation policies of citizens with extra-European origins already in the EU territory are mandatory.

The condition of European is inherited, or acquired through merit and effort of linguistic and cultural integration.

I will ask embassies and cultural institutes to promote Romanian identity through exhibitions, conferences and events dedicated to national history, the geography of our country, but also projects dedicated to the Great Books, Orthodox Christianity, as well as other spiritual traditions of Romanians everywhere.

I will request the blocking of LGBTQ propaganda in schools, public television or university campuses in the countries of the Union. European funds must also support the mission of Christian organizations in Africa and other places.

I reject without hesitation the idea of ​​the United States of Europe cultivated by the bureaucratic elites from Brussels, never elected by free vote.

I will plead for the drastic reduction of the bureaucracy in Brussels by eliminating at least 10,000 unnecessary and burdensome administrative positions for the budget of the European Commission and the European Parliament.

Special pensions must be eliminated not only in Bucharest, but also in Brussels.

I will demand prison for the radical-ecological activists who vandalize works of art and block the normal flow of road traffic.

We will fight for the full freedom of expression of Union citizens registered on social networks, including the X (Twitter) platform.

It is vital to stop the Islamization of Europe.

We demand the prohibition of pro-Hamas and pro-Isis demonstrations. I oppose the construction of mosques with the help of European funds. I will ask for an unlimited embargo on the financing of jihadist radical cells located on the territory of the Union.

European countries must regain their right to control their borders. Here is the concrete definition of sovereignty. Here are just some of the prerequisites for prosperity for the old continent”, announced Neamtu.

Adrian Papahagi presented, on Wednesday, after Neamtu’s announcement, details about “how our amicitia broke”.

“Now that Mihail Neamtu has formalized his entry into AUR, I can confess how our friendship has been ruined.

Exactly one year ago (March 31 and April 1, 2023), we held the last conferences together, in Bistrita and Piatra Neamt. Between the two, a discussion took place in which he would have preferred me not to participate. He was preparing a strategy to run for the European Parliament. I asked him to avoid one thing: collaboration with AUR, a moral, intellectual, political and strategic red line for me. He promised he wouldn’t do that.

Then I let him continue the discussion, to which I felt that I was not welcome, and I started towards Piatra Neamt.

The evening I returned to Cluj, after the last conference, someone sent me a poster: Mihail Neamtu is launching a book by Claudiu Tarziu the next day, at the Parliament, under the auspices of AUR. He had lied to me with serenity; he had already begun his approach to AUR. I asked him not to compromise, he pretended that he did not know all the details about the event, and in the end he withdrew. I understood instantly that his association with me was only a screen of honor, behind which he was dealing with GOLD.

A few days later, the discussion about the date of Easter was born (unpremeditated). We exchanged a few lines in writing and he told me to excuse him that he cannot support our position about the unification of the date of Easter and that he would prefer to remain silent on that subject. I answered that I understood him; enough perfectly honorable people, with whom I remained friends, had refused to sign our letter to the Synod. It was understandable, the subject was controversial, and I myself was hesitant, as I did not want the gesture to be perceived as an attack against the Church. Of course, the subject remains legitimate and I am convinced that we are in the truth: as the Ecumenical Patriarch from Constantinople said last Sunday, the celebration on separate Sundays of the Resurrection of the One Lord Jesus Christ is a scandal for all of Christianity. I don’t insist now.

However, I will not hide the shock and disgust I experienced when my former friend became the spearhead of those who jumped into our trap. Suddenly, his benefactor, Andrei Plesu, the one who had written generously about his books, Teodor Baconschi, or the friend with whom he had conferred a few days ago had become enemies of orthodoxy, “neo-calendarists” who sought to “eviscerate” the Church from the inside and other great things.

I understood immediately: Neamtu had already taken her to AUR. Since we would not have supported him on this road and could no longer function as a pledge of honor, we became useful as a target – we were still good at something on his way to GOLD. In addition, what could Neamtu bring to AUR? Just a “conservative” discus, which the existence of other conservatives hostile to AUR delegitimizes. Pragmatically, we were no longer useful except as targets for lynching, goldist ironies and slanders.

In the year that followed, Neamtu increasingly took over the ruthless discourse with the West and lenient with Putin of AUR. On dozens of occasions, Neamtu and the AUR leaders appeared together, more or less discreetly.

Yesterday, in an interview with George Simion that I don’t want to qualify, Mihail Neamtu staged his spontaneous joining of AUR.

That’s how long the negotiation lasted. That’s how much the promise of an eligible seat in the European Parliament costs (which may turn out to be an illusion, because Simion is more cunning than Neamtu): the denial of friends and many values ​​that we thought we had in common. I don’t think he makes the money, but that’s it: each with his options”, wrote Papahagi on Facebook.

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