Disturbing details in the case from Arad, where two students killed their friend. What the neighbors heard during the crime

Disturbing details in the case from Arad, where two students killed their friend. What the neighbors heard during the crime
Disturbing details in the case from Arad, where two students killed their friend. What the neighbors heard during the crime

The murder, the horrific details of which cannot be reproduced, took place in a quiet area of ​​Arad, in the apartment where one of the young Moroccans, now accused of murder, lived.

According to the investigators, the 32-year-old Tunisian, Ben Souissi Ridha, met, by chance, the two Moroccans in a minimarket near the Aurel Vlaicu neighborhood.

The two men were studying medicine at the University of the West, Vasile Goldiș. They were in their first year of university and did not know the victim.

After drinking a beer in front of the store, the two Moroccans proposed to the Tunisian to go to their apartment and continue the party. The police found out that the three had also consumed drugs. Then, a spontaneous conflict led to murder.

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Ruxandra Tarcea, spokesperson for the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Arad Court: “Investigations are being carried out against two defendants of Moroccan citizenship regarding the commission of the crime of murder on the background of alcohol and drug consumption, certain misunderstandings arose between the victim and the defendants”.

It is not known how the fight broke out between the young Tunisian and the two Moroccans. It is certain that the scandal degenerated into a brawl, resulting in the death of the 32-year-old man. Those who live below the apartment where the murder took place say they heard noises. However, they did not know that Ben Souissi Ridha was living his last moments and as one of the suspects he was filming everything.

Neighbor: “I heard a bang from the neighbor upstairs. The children woke up, the wife. We wondered because we didn’t know what was going on. We thought she must have dropped a TV or something. There were no screams.”

Neighbor: “In the morning I heard from the service man, who said that, you know that last night at 3 o’clock there was a murder, God protect and protect!”

The culprits called 112

When they saw that their victim was no longer breathing, the two Moroccans got scared and called 112. They did not leave the apartment and waited for the police and doctors. But it was too late.

Neighbor: “At 4 and 5 in the morning I heard a noise from my sleep, the door slamming, the windows also shook. After that we looked out the window and saw an ambulance coming, a police car”.

The leadership of the “Vasile Goldiș” University expressed its dismay at what happened.

“The academic body expresses its regret for the recent events, in which a young man lost his life in tragic circumstances. Regarding the persons concerned, we assure you that we will cooperate with the authorities and provide support for the smooth progress of the investigation. As for the people who could be affected by what happened, the university will offer them, if requested, free psychological counseling”it is stated in the University’s press release.

According to some sources from the investigation, the Tunisian had been settled in Romania for several years, after having finished the medical school in Arad, in 2017. Last year he registered for the residency exam, but did not pass. The Moroccans investigated for the crime ended up behind bars.

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