Party drowned in blood in Iasi. A man did not stop

Party drowned in blood in Iasi. A man did not stop
Party drowned in blood in Iasi. A man did not stop

A man from Iasi was sentenced to prison after a party drowned in blood. He killed his brother, then proceeded to drink next to his dead body. In front of the judges, he admitted everything nonchalantly

Hallucinatory scenes in Iasi. A man who partied with his brother and a neighbor turned into a cold-blooded murderer while on a high. Hriscu Constantin, a man from Iasi county, was sentenced the other day, after the crime he committed in the first month of this year. He is 45 years old and lives in the Scobinti commune of Ieși. On 08.01.2024, while the brothers were at their home, around 11:00 a.m., a neighbor appeared at their home. The latter sent the man who was going to be killed to buy alcoholic beverages in the village, and the victim did exactly that. After he returned, carrying two 2-liter bottles of wine, the three of them consumed part of the amount, and the neighbor and the victim went to the village together.

“Around 17:00, the witness returned alone to the home of the two brothers, carrying two more two-liter bottles of wine, of which half a liter was consumed by the witness and the defendant. The victim returned home during the night, around 03:00. He reproached the defendant, who was sleeping, that he was not allowed to enter the house and that he was left outside, in the cold,” the indictment states.

Party drowned in blood in Iasi: the body was found on the ground

It all started when the victim asked for a drink. Arriving inside the house, he asked if the witness had brought wine and asked his brother to give him a drink, but the defendant refused because the victim was already drunk and told him that the next day he would catch him well, at which time the victim he took a kitchen knife and went at the defendant. The defendant stripped his brother of the knife, then stabbed him twice in the thigh. The victim complained of pain in the thigh, the defendant let him sit leaning on the furniture, consumed a glass of the wine brought by the witness, then went to bed. When he woke up, Constantin Hriscu realized that his brother had died from the stab wounds.

“Around 05:30, the defendant woke up and saw the victim lying on the floor, in a pool of blood, in the middle of the body, he approached her, checked her condition, asked her if she was sleeping, then lighting a cigarette, he went to where the witness was sleeping and told him that his brother was dead. The witness checked the condition of the injured person and, finding that she was dead, asked the defendant to call the police, but he had his phone discharged, then he went home, because he got scared.

Around 15:00-16:00, the defendant went to his neighbor and told him that his brother was dead, the witness went to the defendant’s house and found that the victim was deceased, so he went to another neighbor who told him about what happened. Finally, the nephew of the defendant and the victim found out that his uncle was dead and called the 112 emergency service,” the indictment also states.

The individual was sentenced to prison with execution.

“Condemns the defendant Hriscu Constantin, remanded in custody in this case, to the main penalty of 8 (eight) years in prison for committing the crime of “murder of a family member”. It prohibits the defendant Hriscu Constantin, as a complementary punishment, from exercising the rights provided by art. 66 para. 1 lit. a) and b) Penal Code for a period of 5 years, the punishment of which will begin according to art. 68 Criminal Code. Based on disp. Art. 65 para. 1 Criminal Code, prohibits the defendant, as an accessory penalty, from exercising the rights provided by art. 66 para. 1 lit. a) and b) Criminal Code from the finalization of this sentence and until the execution or consideration as executed of the main punishment. Orders the confiscation of the knife used by the defendant in the commission of the crime of murder, with a total length of 32.5 cm, with a black handle 13 cm long, with a blade length of 19.5 cm and a width at the widest point of 2 .5 cm”, the judges from Iași decided.

Here, the party drowned in blood, from Iași, brought the criminal 8 years in prison.

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