HUAWEI Watch Fit 3 – almost everything you could want from a smart watch, at a surprising price (review)


Over time we have talked about many models of smartwatches that are more and more cool, built from some super materials and with a lot of well-designed fitness functions. But most of these models have a common denominator that is also a dealbreaker for many: they are expensive, baby! Basically, if you want to buy a top smartwatch, you are talking about amounts from 2,000 lei upwards (this in a happy case, there are also models that easily exceed the barrier of 5,000 lei or 1,000 euros), which makes me made me wonder: do you really need to pay that much for a smartwatch?

Can’t you get the job done with something a little more pocket-friendly but still includes many of the features you need? It’s a pretty thin line, because the balance between the price and what you get in return has to be perfect, but I say that HUAWEI has nailed it with the new Watch Fit 3. It’s the latest no-thrills model from the Chinese manufacturer, but however I don’t think it should be disqualified from the start, as it could be the answer for many people who have yet to make the leap to a true smartwatch.

Design and construction

We start with the design and construction, and right from the start we noticed that it looks… like an Apple Watch! No, seriously, to a less trained eye, the Watch Fit 3 could easily pass for a genuine Apple Watch. It’s square and not round like most HUAWEI models, and the button and crown on the right edge are familiar. The glass covering the display is only slightly curved, which ensures that there are no sharp edges.

The frame is made of aluminum, an important plus for durability, and on the back we find all the sensors that make this watch a smart one. More on that later. We also appreciated that the Watch Fit 3 tips the scales at 26g, which makes it much lighter than other Fitbit competitors that weigh 50% more. Thus, the risk of getting tired while wearing it on your hand decreases dramatically.

Otherwise, the strap of the model we tested is made of a silicone that feels very good to the touch and did not cause me any irritation even after several days of continuous wearing. If that’s not for you, the Watch Fit 3 also comes in two variants: one with a nylon strap and one with a leather strap. Of course, these can also be purchased separately if you want to match your watch strap to the activity you do.

As for colors, we have a few of those too. The versions with the silicone strap are either black, pink, green or white and if you directly take the version with the nylon strap you will receive a gray watch as a package. As for the one with the leather strap, HUAWEI says that the watch is still white, but from what I’ve seen the whole looks more towards gold, which is not to everyone’s taste, but I’m sure some will appreciate it.

User experience

Now we move on to the user experience, and no smartwatch would be complete without a good quality screen. I’m happy to say that despite the reasonable price you’ll find out a little later, HUAWEI haven’t skimped on the display. More precisely, the Watch Fit 3 comes with a 1.82-inch OLED panel, with a refresh rate of 60Hz and a PPI (pixels per inch) of 347, a high value that ensures that the displayed text is as sharp as possible and readable.

HUAWEI Watch Fit 3 25

You won’t have visibility problems even if you use it in direct sunlight, thanks to the maximum brightness of 1,500 nits. In addition, the colors are very nice and vivid, and there is very little I can complain about in this department. I even noticed that the screen has an Always-on-Display function, a welcome addition in this price category. Of course, if you activate this, the autonomy will suffer somewhat, but we will talk about this a little later.

HUAWEI Watch Fit 3 25

Until then, another thing that caught my eye is the crown on the edge, which is easy to use and does the job very well. Like the frame, it’s made of metal and feels good to the touch, and the way it works is similar to other implementations I’ve seen from other manufacturers (Apple). But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as you won’t need much, if any, time to settle in with her. You rotate it to walk through the menus and scroll, and if you press it you will find yourself on the main screen.

Underneath is a configurable button according to your preferences, which by default takes you to the workout menu but which can be modified to quickly start the heart rate, blood oxygen sensors, to open the sleep monitoring menu. Also, if all this stuff doesn’t suit you, that button can also be a quick way to start all kinds of pre-installed apps, like the music app, the weather app, the calendar, the flashlight, and more.

HUAWEI Watch Fit 3 25

And speaking of health sensors, here’s a perfect time to talk more about them. It should be noted that, although this watch is considered the youngest of the family, the people from HUAWEI didn’t skimp and put the most refined sensors with the most advanced algorithms, so there aren’t really any differences in values ​​between this budget watch and a HUAWEI Watch Ultimate of 3,500 lei, for example. That should reassure those who had doubts about the accuracy of the numbers provided by the watch.

However, there are some omissions on this model, such as the temperature sensor designed for more accurate measurement of menstruation. But all other features like heart rate sensor, blood oxygen level sensor and sleep sensor are all present. All of these work together to give you a lot of detail about your body, at any time of the day or night, no matter what activity you’re doing.

HUAWEI Watch Fit 3 25

And I say regardless because Watch Fit 3 adds some interesting workouts, such as the one for football (or soccer for our American friends), basketball, padel and even eSports. How cool is this, now you can see in real time how many kilocalories you burn while losing in League of Legends or Counter-Strike 2. Of course, these new modes are added to the already existing 100, a very large number that gives class to many more limited competitors by comparison.

Another very cool thing is the new Track Run mode, which is designed for those who run on tracks dedicated to such. Think of the track around the football field at the National Arena. HUAWEI Watch Fit 3 can now record the distance traveled much more precisely, thanks to the fact that you can select which lane of the track you run on, a very cool thing and a feature that will certainly be well received by runners.

HUAWEI Watch Fit 3 25

It goes without saying that the watch is water resistant up to 5 ATM, so you can take it with you in the pool if you want to record the distance swum, heart rate and so on. What’s more, if you do sports on land, on compatible equipment, the HUAWEI Watch Fit 3 can even send the data it records in real time to the respective devices, so you can adjust your sports program on the fly according to your current state .

To help you better see all the details you need during workouts, the watch interface has received a major redesign compared to the previous generation. It is now much more colorful, the displayed numbers are larger and easier to read, and the menus have undergone numerous changes to make them easier to use and interact with.

HUAWEI Watch Fit 3 25

We cannot talk about a watch from HUAWEI without discussing the autonomy, which, as usual, is very good. The company says that in normal use you should expect 7 days of juice, and that with some workouts and active sleep tracking. If you are more spartan and don’t rush into such activities, then 10 days of autonomy is not out of the question, and from my tests I tend to give them the right.

It is clearly a watch with a very good autonomy and that will not let you down when you need it. With active AoD mode, the autonomy drops to 4, maximum 5 days, but even so it is good by comparison even with more expensive watches from Apple or Samsung where the next day on a single charge is unlikely.

However, I did notice that the interface didn’t move as smoothly as I would have liked. I have to admit that there is a noticeable improvement in the new version 4.2 of the HarmonyOS operating system, compared to previous versions, but it still remains a weak point for this model. I don’t want you to understand that the interface hangs and freezes constantly, but the animations lag a little and are not as smooth as I have seen on other models. But in life you can’t have them all, and honestly I prefer stiffer and less fluid animations for such good autonomy.

HUAWEI Watch Fit 3 25

Moving on to better things, I noted that the vibration motor inside is powerful and extremely accurate. Every movement of the crown translates into a crisp and pleasant vibration, and you won’t miss a call even when the watch is on silent mode. If you still can’t feel it, the Watch Fit 3 also comes with a speaker mounted on the left edge, loud enough and clear enough.

As for customization, given the fact that most watches in the HUAWEI catalog are round and this one is square, not all watch faces will be available at launch. At the moment you’ll find a few dozen of the most popular ones in the bookstore, but after asking the right questions I found out that they are working hard on porting everything else, so it’s only a matter of time before your favorite face is available. No, some optimizations need to be done to make the faces work on a new format, which is understandable, and I’m glad to hear that serious efforts are being made towards this.

HUAWEI Watch Fit 3 25

Of course, the watch is compatible with both iPhone and Android through the HUAWEI Health app available in the App Store, Play Store and soon also on the Galaxy Store. Anyone who has used a watch from the company in the past will be very familiar with the app, but even if you’ve never had one before, it still won’t be too hard to get used to. The menus are well organized, useful information is clearly displayed and the whole application is airy and easy to use. No complaints, next!


Before we draw a definitive conclusion, we need to discuss the price. And believe me, I left the best for last. All the functions we have discussed so far, along with the solid construction and the extremely beautiful and bright screen can be yours for the amount of… 770 lei! Yes, you heard right, HUAWEI Watch Fit 3, a watch that does 95%, if not more, of what it does and a top watch costs under 800 lei in the version with a silicone or nylon strap.

HUAWEI Watch Fit 3 25

If you want the leather strap then you will have to pay a bit more, somewhere around 900 lei, but even at this price there are very few models that offer a better price-performance ratio. An Apple Watch SE is 1,200 lei and a Fitbit Versa 4 is around 1,000, so my opinion is that we have a new must-buy in this segment.

The HUAWEI Watch Fit 3 does a lot, very well, at a substantially lower price than the rest. It’s responsibly built, has tons of pre-installed workout modes, and has a gorgeous display. There are a few things that drag down the final score, such as the slightly laggy interface and the fact that there isn’t an option for an LTE model, but even with these few shortcomings, I still think HUAWEI hit the nail on the head with this watch, and I’m sure they will. it will sell like hot cakes.

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