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The American businessman of Romanian origin Onisim Dorneanu, who says he has several rooms and apartments in the Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago, is preparing the launch of an investment fund with an available 350 million dollars dedicated to companies in Romania, mainly from real estate sector, and wants to convince Eric Trump, the son of the former US president, to invest in the Transilvania Smart City real estate complex in Cluj. It has agreed partnerships with 5 large companies from Romania, including the constructor Campeador of the Larionesi family from Bistri, according to information obtained by Profit.ro.

Onisim Dorneanu, a resident of Chicago, has been the president of Madison Real Estate Consultants in the American state of Wisconsin for over 13 years, with a portfolio of hundreds of apartments and houses for rent. He says, in an interview with Profit.ro, that he owns several hotel rooms and apartments in the Trump Hotel and spaces in the Trump Tower Chicago. Dorneanu also says that he is in negotiations to buy a package of apartments in Trump Tower in New York.

The businessman founded the investment fund Atlantic Partners Investment Fund, which is to be officially launched on October 1 and which aims to buy a portfolio of companies in Romania, functional (even insolvent), with the potential to grow significantly in the real estate, financial, transport, chemical, agriculture and pharma sectors.

The structure of the investment fund provides that 65% of the portfolio will be income from government bonds issued by countries such as Romania, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria, and the rest of the fund’s assets will be invested in companies, according to a presentation of the fund analyzed by Profit.ro.

Atlantic Partners’ managers aim to identify undervalued Romanian companies with significant assets, reliable management teams, dividend growth potential, inflation protection and a lower level of risk.

Onisim Dorneanu is the majority shareholder and CEO of Atlantic Partners. “Part of these funds are my personal money, which I want to invest in Romania. We are starting with $350 million and in a year I want to take the fund to over $500 million. I have already spoken with 5 large companies (which he will finance, ed.), including the Campeador group”, said the businessman. Dorneanu has Avram Gal from Cluj as his local partner in the new fund, the leader of ALDE Diaspora and the president of the religious association New Life International Evangelical Association from Câmpia Turzii.

Avram Gal, Eric Trump and Onisim Dorneanu

The partnership agreed with the Campeador group consists in the financing of residential, retail and green energy projects. The Campeador group of companies, led by Florin (Nelu) Larionesi, has in the process of authorizing two parks with photovoltaic panels of 150 MW and a value of over 100 million euros. The Larionesi family also submitted the documents for attracting funds through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), 15 million euros for each project.

“We also have two large real estate projects in Timișoara and Cluj-Napoca where we will work together. We have a mixed project on Simion Bărnutiu Street in Timișoara, of about 50,000 square meters, which will include a hotel, 10,000 square meters of commercial space and about 300 apartments, an investment of about 40 million euros. In Cluj-Napoca we also have a mixed project on Teodor Mihali Street, with a built-up area of ​​40,000 square meters, with a hotel, commercial spaces and luxury apartments”, said Nelu Larionesi.

Investment fund Atlantic Partners is looking at 8 solar projects, including Campeador’s two, and is in talks to buy several plants, including a pharmaceutical one. Onisim Dorneanu recently became the main partner and CEO of the Moogle Pharma company, based in Bucharest, which aims to distribute medicines internationally in markets such as Germany, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Poland, Great Britain, Turkey and America South.

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Just recently, he also became a shareholder of the software developer WTZ Technologies, taking over the position of operational director of the company based in Bucharest and Wisconsin.

Dorneanu also plans to build a 100-bed oncology hospital in which to bring laser equipment that only targets cancer cells, not the whole body.
The businessman also talks about the possibility of attracting Eric Trump, the son of former US President Donald Trump and the one who heads The Trump Organization, with his older brother, to invest in Romania.

“Eric Trump first wants to come and see. It is possible to be a partner in the Smart City project in Cluj, but now we are working on the details. Besides, the Campeador project from Cluj was also presented to him”, says Dorneanu.

Transilvania Smart City would become the largest real estate project in Romania, if it is realized according to the plans presented with 10,000 apartments, mall, schools, supermarkets, a hotel and an aparthotel, office spaces, parks and conference rooms.

The project is being developed by a group of investors including Adrian Alexandrov (Elena Udrea’s partner) and Cluj real estate developer Ștefan Berciu.

Transylvania Smart City

Transylvania Smart City

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