Sockets and switches for the home: how to choose them?

Sockets and switches for the home: how to choose them?
Sockets and switches for the home: how to choose them?

There are several types and designs of outlets and switches designed specifically for indoor or outdoor use. You need to keep a number of criteria in mind when buying them. The choice of sockets and switches is a serious matter: safety is paramount. So, the first thing you need to analyze are the standards in force and the technical rules of installation. But you also need to think about their functionality and aesthetic appearance, so that they perfectly meet all your needs!

Electrical outlets: what are the standards?

The different types of sockets and switches should not be chosen lightly, as it is essential to ensure the safety of users and the home. Therefore, they are subject to installation rules and must comply with the standards in force.

NF C 15-100 standard

It refers to household sockets and switches installed on a low voltage network. And it imposes rules on the number of sockets per room, their type depending on where they are to be installed, the environment they are in (indoor, outdoor) and their position, such as minimum height and distance from a power point with water. A distinction must be made between electrical sockets and switches for wet rooms (kitchen, bathroom, shower cabin) and those for other rooms (bedroom, living room, hall, etc.). Note that inside the home, it is mandatory to add socket covers to protect the safety of children, if they exist.

In addition to the standards, an IP index is required for sockets intended for outdoor installation. The minimum is IP 25, but IP 55 is recommended for maximum safety, as it guarantees optimal protection in this type of environment, highly exposed to weather and dust. And if the equipment is particularly exposed to the risk of being pulled, hit or crushed, metal enclosures with an IP 66 index are recommended.

Finally, buying electrical outlets is much more complicated than it seems, not to mention installing them, which can be a huge risk for an individual. Therefore, it must be done by a professional who knows exactly what type of sockets must be installed in each specific environment. They also know how to advise their customers on the best models for their decorating style.

Circuit breaker – how do we choose?

A switch is an essential piece of equipment because it is used to control a number of electrical appliances: turning a light on or off, activating a roller shutter, for example, or turning an outlet on or off. Today, a switch is no longer limited to a single button, but can be extremely effective and versatile:

  • Simple switch, the basic one, present in almost all houses in Romania.
  • Touch switch: thanks to a built-in sensor, such a switch can be operated by simply passing a finger over it, without the need to manually press the classic forward and backward button.
  • Timer switch.
  • Adjustable switch (with dimmer) allows you to adjust the intensity of the light, being very popular for ambient lighting.
  • Rotary knob switch.
  • Safety switch, used for protection and safety, being designed to automatically shut off the circuit in an emergency.
  • Proximity switch, i.e. it works based on detecting the proximity of an object or a person, often used in automated control systems or in the automotive industry.

In a living room, sockets and switches play a crucial role in creating a functional environment. Once these are properly positioned, we can add various decorative and useful elements, such as a lamp on a coffee table, to add an additional source of light and warmth. It is recommended to check if the lamp is adjustable. If so, you’ll need a model with a dimmer switch. This will allow you to choose the light intensity that suits you best. Even better, you can buy a smart lamp for the living room. This means you can control the lamp remotely. You can control it with your smartphone or tablet, or even with a remote control. In addition to the intensity, you can also control the color that the lamp provides. There are even models that can play music. They are equipped with speakers.

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