Who attracted attention at the awards ceremony of those from FCSB. “Champion of my heart”

Who attracted attention at the awards ceremony of those from FCSB. “Champion of my heart”
Who attracted attention at the awards ceremony of those from FCSB. “Champion of my heart”

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Alexandra Barbu and Vlăduț Pandele / Photo: Instagram-@_alexandraabarbu_și vladut.pandele

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12.05.2024, 19:28

  • SuperLiga: FC Voluntari – U Cluj, Sunday, 21:30, DGS 2

  • Superleague: Dinamo – UTA AradSunday, 21:30, DGS 1

FCSB received champions medals and the grand trophy awarded to the champion of Romania, on Saturday evening, after the end of the game with CFR Cluj, score 0-1.

Alexandra Barbu, Andrei Pandele’s friend, the attraction of the evening at the National Arena

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Mihai Stoica (59 years old), the president of the Board of Directors of the red-blues, was the MC of the awards ceremony, and after the players greeted the gallery and the 54,364 spectators, who set the all-time record of presence on the National Arena, the families and girlfriends of the players also entered the lawn.

One of the female presences that attracted all the attention was Alexandra Barbu, his friend Andrei Pandele (20 years old), one of FCSB’s future players.

The beautiful brunette posted several poses from the red-blue fiesta, after which she posted them on Instagram, along with the message dedicated to her friend.

Mihai Stoica is convinced that the hard defeat in the match with Rapid helped the FCSB players win the title

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Mihai Stoica took the microphone and thanked the fans. The FCSB official is convinced that they played an important role after the team lost 4-0 against Rapid in the regular season.

“This championship was won after the match with Rapid (0-4, in the last stage of the regular season), when we were dismantled, and after the match, instead of these phenomenal supporters arguing about their favorites, they encouraged them, they showed that I am with them, they influenced this National Arena, and the title is yours! Yours! I repeat, so you understand: the title is yours!”said Mihai Stoica on the lawn.

The FCSB official introduced each member of the staff and each player, and before this moment he spent an hour with the coaches Elias Charalambous and Mihai Pintilii.

“If this team has managed an unimaginable record to come within 13 points of 2nd place after half-time, you have made a formidable record. The audience record of the National Arena was broken! Everyone thought that it was a very easy championship to win, but what is not known from the outside, we felt from the inside”Mihai Stoica also said.

Video with the summary of the match FCSB – CFR Cluj 0-1

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