Rescue called for a child trapped in a bicycle

Rescue called for a child trapped in a bicycle
Rescue called for a child trapped in a bicycle

The firefighters from Botoșan experienced, over the weekend, a less common case. The release crew of the ISU was requested in the county by the family of a child trapped in his own bicycle.

The incident took place on Sunday, in the town of Tudora. A 12-year-old child was trying to repair his bicycle in the yard of his parents’ house. But at some point, the relatives were alerted by the boy’s cries. They went to the yard, where the scared child told them that he could no longer remove his hand from the bicycle wheel. Apparently, he caught a finger on the brake disc.

Both the child and his relatives tried, in the first instance, to unlock the finger, but the boy’s screams of pain made them abandon the idea. One of the relatives later called 112, asking for the help of the fire department. An extrication crew was sent to the scene to try to unlock the hand. Fortunately, until the firemen arrived, the boy’s older brother managed to free the youngest of the family from the bizarre trap. He dismantled the bicycle wheel and managed to detach the brake disc from the wheel, which pressed the brother’s finger.

Arriving at the scene, the military firefighters found that the minor was stable and did not have any trauma that required transport to the hospital, he was only scared after the incident.

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