At what age did people retire in 1970 and at what age do we retire today / Map of counties with pensioners under 50


The standard retirement age is the age at which you can retire under the law. The effective retirement age is the age at which you retire, which is lower than the standard age. In Romania, this effective age decreased for men from 66 years to 65.4 years, and for women it increased from 63.4 years to 64.4 years, according to OECD data.

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In the world, Japan is the country where people retire at the oldest age (68.2 years for men and 66.9 years for women), and in Europe, Romania is the country in 4th place in terms of effective age at which people retire retire (after Latvia, Iceland and Sweden).

The average number of pensioners last year was 4.98 million people, down by 24,000 people compared to the previous year, according to the data provided by the National Institute of Statistics.

The average monthly pension paid by the pension houses was 2,113 lei, an increase of 13.9% compared to the previous year, and the ratio between the net retirement pension and the net salary was 50.2% (compared to 51, 6% in the previous year), Statistics data also show.

“We talk about a standard retirement age of 62-65 (as an average no), but the actual age is much lower because the averages are made up of those who retire at 65 and those who retire at 40” , said Dumitru.

Thus, it appears from the data that it is a myth that there is a lot of work in Romania, but we are discussing environments, which hide some things.

Map of the counties with the most pensioners over the age of 45

“The length of active life in Romania is somewhere around 30 years according to the statistics of the European Commission, being the lowest in Europe. We know that the media hides a lot. The average is made up of those who work over 65 years and at 70 are still in economic activity (because there are also pensioners who still work) and those who leave the economic activity at an almost shameful age, at 40, when I’m at the top of my career,” said the economist.

We have about 5 million pensioners. A part of them (700,000 – 800,000) also have a job, they are active. The rest do not carry out an economic activity: they are inactive. About one million pensioners are under 64 years old”, said Ionuț Dumitru, chief economist, Raiffeisen Bank. “And the problem at the moment is special pensions. We have the luxury of retiring people at the top of their careers by paying many of them very high,” he said.

“Although we have spent a lot of money on schools, specialisations, and we make them stay at home. Here the policies should be changed, in the sense of encouraging staying in the economic activity”, explained Ionuț Dumitru.

Below you have the map with pensioners up to 50 years old. The figures in the graph represent the share of pensioners aged 25-49 in the total population aged 25-49 in the county.

Note: Those who retire before the statutory pension age are not all “special” pensioners. Among them are those who retire early or retire due to illness.


Hunedoara is the county with the largest proportion of young pensioners. In the 45-49 age group, for example, there are almost 2,500 pensioners in a resident population (of the same age) of 29,000 people. More than 8% by weight. In the same way, Hunedoara is also the headliner in the 40-44 age group.

Below, the same map but in the form of a ranking, to make the comparison between counties easier (click on the image to enlarge it)


The next places in the ranking are occupied by Buzău, Vâlcea, Prahova, Teleorman and Olt. At the opposite pole of the ranking are Ilfov, Brașov and Botoșani.

If we drill down and look at more detailed age groups, the “geography” of young retirees does not change much.

On the other hand, there are many people who work long after the age of 65. Last year there were around 150,000 people over 65 who continue to work to supplement their sources of income.

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