“Shrek, the Musical”, in June, at the Sala Palatului | Cultural news

“Shrek, the Musical”, in June, at the Sala Palatului | Cultural news
“Shrek, the Musical”, in June, at the Sala Palatului | Cultural news

Bucharest National Opera and the Musicals.ro platform announce the premiere of the show “Shrek the Musical”, under the baton of the team that brought to the stage outstanding productions such as “Phantom of the Opera”, “Mamma Mia” and “My Fair Lady”.

The show “Shrek the Musical” will take place at Sala Palatului, on June 9, from 19:00, and will be a unique experience for the public of all ages.

After the resounding success of the previous musicals, the team returns to tell the story of Shrek in a very special way, announces Radio Romania Bucharest FM.

Reinterpreting classic stories in a modern key has become the signature of this talented team, who, through “Shrek the Musical”, invite the audience on a journey into a world where the difference between appearance and essence is explored with depth, humor and sensitivity.

Under the direction of Răzvan Ioan Dincă, conductor Daniel Jinga and with the support of second director Raluca Popa, the musical “Shrek” is ready to conquer the hearts of the spectators.

The scenography of Gary McCann and the vibrant choreography of Violeta Dincă, together with the contribution of Florin Tănase, second choreographer, transform this story into a spectacular visual spectacle, full of memorable moments.

Bucharest National Opera invites us to rediscover the stories of childhood through the eyes of Shrek, in a show that promises not only entertainment of the highest quality, but also a deep reflection on universal human values.

What would the world be like if we were all identical, like the product of the mass production of objects? If we all sought the ideal of beauty, if only the perfect were models of life and feeling, how would this world perpetuate itself?

“Shrek the Musical” invites introspection and analysis. The form of the hero, of the ideal of beauty and life, changes. The “ugly”, the different, in form, but not in essence, are attributed hero qualities.

The audience is invited to join the journey of their hero to our anti-hero. To live with him an adventure seasoned with story characters, with heroic scenes of rescuing the princess, with dynamic scenes of escape from the dragon’s claws, with immersion in a utopian world of a different villain, with fresh lines, full of humor, with the hope of meeting true love, with a touch of magic and true friendship.

Maybe along the way we’ll discover an ogre who isn’t so scary and a princess capable of being the master of her own destiny. A donkey more empathetic than a human being and demystified story characters, excluded from their world… Who knows? In the world of stories, anything is possible.

The elements specific to the musical show, such as dynamic sets, costumes, choreography with personality, stage effects, lights and video, which will give the show a contemporary air, will help to complete the stage picture.

Audiences of all ages are invited to a show that will amuse, surprise, introspect and move.

A show about friendship and the difference between appearance and essence, a metaphor for the transformations humanity goes through, a new reaffirmation of our childhood stories told differently.

Tickets are available on the official website of Bucharest National Opera and Musicals.ro.

The article is in Romanian

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