International Autism Awareness Day, Sat

International Autism Awareness Day, Sat
International Autism Awareness Day, Sat

The International Autism Awareness Day was celebrated as it should be at the Recovery Day Center in Constanța.

On the occasion of this day, the beneficiaries of the social service participated in several interactive activities, carried out with the aim of promoting a better understanding and awareness of autism. Autism, a neurobiological developmental disorder, can affect various aspects of an individual’s life, including communication, social relationships and adaptation to the environment. The children decorated the entrance to the social service building with colored boards and painted by them, especially for the International Autism Awareness Day. This aspect is a way to highlight the creativity and talent of children who have been diagnosed with autism. The children also released blue balloons, an important symbol for autism awareness.

“It is essential to create spaces and opportunities to educate the community about the special needs of children with autism and how they can be adequately supported. We encourage such activities that contribute to building a more inclusive and empathetic society regarding human diversity”, the representatives of the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Constanța sent.

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