(AUDIO/PHOTO) Pollution in Iasi due to the mass of Saharan dust

(AUDIO/PHOTO) Pollution in Iasi due to the mass of Saharan dust
(AUDIO/PHOTO) Pollution in Iasi due to the mass of Saharan dust

The Saharan wind and dust of the last two days have caused significant increases in the level of pollution in the city of Iași.

The highest values ​​were on Monday, April 1, between 4 and 5 p.m., when the recorded averages exceeded four times the maximum threshold allowed by regulations.

The executive director of the Iasi Environmental Protection Agency, Galea Temneanu, added that throughout yesterday, the PM10 indicator had very high values, but in the evening, once the wind stopped, the indicators returned to normal: “We have faced in the last 2 days, starting, in fact, on April 1 and 2 with a transport, an air mass loaded with Saharan dust particles. Under these conditions, on 01/04/2024 we had increased values ​​for the PM10 indicator, monitored automatically in the stations Iași 1 Podul de Piatră-Decebal-Cantemir, Iași 5 Tomești, but also with the self-laboratory, with hourly maximums recorded around 16 on April 1, hourly values ​​that were three to four times higher than the daily average allowed.”

(Radio Iasi/Constantin Mihai/FOTO radioiasi.ro)

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