(VIDEO) Romanian teenager pushed in front of the train, in Italy

(VIDEO) Romanian teenager pushed in front of the train, in Italy
(VIDEO) Romanian teenager pushed in front of the train, in Italy

A Romanian child settled in Italy with his parents was pushed in front of a moving train by two teenagers. The reason would have been the jealousy of one of them, upset because of some messages sent by the Romanian boy to a girl, informs Newspapers.com.

The attackers, aged 14 and 15 respectively, beat him and then pushed him in front of a train at the Seregno station. One of the two was angry with the Romanian because he had exchanged messages with his ex-girlfriend. His mother stated that her son had already been receiving threatening messages for several days, according to Informazione.

“My 14-year-old son almost died for a little girl. I thought I was dying when they told me he was pushed in front of a moving train. It’s like I’m living a nightmare…”, the woman told the quoted source.

After being pushed in front of the train, the child crashed into a carriage, then fell into the space between the wheels and the platform. He was found by doctors in a state of shock and covered in blood.

He arrived at the San Gerardo Hospital in Monza full of injuries, including his head. For several hours he had memory loss and could not remember anything. For now, he cannot walk and the doctors estimate that he will be hospitalized for two months.

The teenagers who committed the act are accused of attempted murder and attempted robbery and have ended up in a detention center.

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