Azeri gas, the option of Romania and nine other European states to replace Russian gas

Azeri gas, the option of Romania and nine other European states to replace Russian gas
Azeri gas, the option of Romania and nine other European states to replace Russian gas

The Ministers of Energy and those responsible in the field from all over the region, as well as representatives from Turkey or Azerbaijan, met in Bucharest to determine how the gas will be divided in the midst of an energy crisis.

All European countries made efforts this summer to fill their gas storages, so the storage level exceeded 85%. However, this amount represents less than half of total consumption, so the need for imports is still high.

And Romania would need to import gas during the five months of the cold season, from October to March. Consumption for this period is estimated at over 80 TWh, according to data from the last two years, while domestic production and stored gas so far do not reach this amount. It would require imports of approximately 6TWh, i.e. almost 8% of what is needed, according to estimates (Engie).

How will Azeri gas reach Romania?

Everything depends, however, on consumption and the weather. If we have a mild winter, the gas reserves will be sufficient, but if it is very cold, we may need even more. A solution would be Azerbaijani gas. The Minister of Energy of Azerbaijan declared that his country will deliver 40% more gas to the European Union.

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Parviz Shahbazov, Minister of Energy of Azerbaijan: “Will do everything possible! But everyone must understand that we have at least ten countries from Europe that have made requests to Azerbaijan and we are trying to do our best, but with Romania we are strategic partners, so we will make an effort. Things cannot be done overnight”.

Azeri gas would reach us through the new Greece-Bulgaria interconnector. Officials announced the final grand opening, after other partial openings, on October 1.

Rosen Hristov, Minister of Energy of Bulgaria: “That means these commercial quantities of gas will start flowing through the pipeline. It will allow bringing some quantities of cases from Greece and Turkey and transit through Bulgaria and Romania through other countries”.

Virgil Popescu, Romanian Minister of Energy: “We all have the desire for cooperation, to find solutions to have a good supply in the short term, this winter, but also in the medium-long term. All of us in the region want to be properly supplied, to have acceptable prices and to bring back the state of normality”.

Possible collaboration between Romania and the Republic of Moldova

For this, however, transit agreements from several countries are needed.

Mihai Cătuți, Energy expert, EPG: “Now, the most thorny issue is related to the fact that Bulgaria is a country heavily dependent on imports from the Russian Federation and does not have any kind of contract with Gazprom at the moment. 90% of their gas comes from imports from the Russian Federation, so the real problem will be to see how much will be available on this pipeline to reach Romania as well, because the situation is much worse in Bulgaria”.

Moreover, the energy ministers from the region also discussed with the officials from us about the solidarity between the countries. In case of need, our neighbors could also help us. First of all, there is talk of a collaboration between Romania and the Republic of Moldova, a country that expects a complete stoppage of Russian gas from next month.

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