ImmuONE creates 3D lung for laboratory testing

ImmuONE creates 3D lung for laboratory testing
ImmuONE creates 3D lung for laboratory testing
  • ImmuONE develops a 3D lung for drugs.
  • The project was done in collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire.
  • The expansion of the project in the USA and the reduction of animal testing are to come.

A 3D innovation is changing medical research and could end animal testing. ImmuONE and the University of Hertfordshire in the UK create a 3D lung for laboratory testing.

What is the 3D lung and how does it work?

The 3D lung created by ImmuONE is an innovative model that simulates the structure and function of human lungs. It is used to test and analyze inhalable medicines, as well as products such as perfumes and sprays, speeding up the process of bringing them to market.

Dr Victoria Hutter, involved in the development of the model, describes this advance as a eureka moment supported by the University of Hertfordshire, where she is professor of in vitro toxicology. This innovation represents a positive change in research, offering an alternative to animal testing and promising significant improvements in pharmaceutical development.

What role do UK universities play?

The University of Hertfordshire is playing a crucial role in supporting and promoting the 3D Lung project, leading a new health consortium in collaboration with Imperial College London and Cranfield University. This consortium aims to support healthcare start-ups by giving them access to funding of up to £35,000 and support to make a positive societal impact. Prof. Wendy Wills, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise at the university, underlines the institution’s commitment to working with industry to bring about positive change in public health, highlighting the innovative spirit that can transform health care.

What’s next for ImmuONE?

ImmuONE, with its laboratory in Stevenage and expansion plans in the United States, plans to scale up the development and application of its 3D lung model. As the only model of its kind available globally, the company aims to attract additional investment to scale up its business. This expansion will not only increase the company’s testing and analysis capacity, but will also help reduce the need for animal testing, providing an ethical and efficient alternative for medical research and product development.

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