Dinamo, huge victory for Romanian handball. Epic success and qualification to the European League quarterfinals

Dinamo, huge victory for Romanian handball. Epic success and qualification to the European League quarterfinals
Dinamo, huge victory for Romanian handball. Epic success and qualification to the European League quarterfinals

Tonight, Dinamo Bucharest achieved an absolutely magical qualification in the quarter-finals of the EHF European League, after ticking off an extremely important victory in the first leg of the play-off, against Bjerringbro Silkeborg.

A week ago, in Bucharest, the Romanian champion achieved an absolutely fabulous success, after a dramatic match and a sensational comeback. In the round, the hosts prevailed 37-34 and took a serious option for qualification to the next stage of the competition.

With a very good course up to this point, the people from Bucharest had a difficult start to the match, but they unleashed themselves in the second half to secure their success.

With a 3-goal lead after the first leg, Dinamo went to Denmark with a very good morale, but knowing that it has an extremely difficult mission in the return match.

However, the hosts from Silkeborg were unrecognizable, and Dinamo marched in the first 30 minutes of the match, during which they secured their qualification for the next phase of the competition.

Dinamo, fabulous success in the EHF European League

Dinamo Bucharest started the match in Denmark perfectly and opened the scoring. After only 8 minutes of play, “Dulaii” had a lead of 3 goals, 4-1, at the end of some very well worked offensive phases.

In goal, Cupara did wonders, and the score began to gain proportions. After a quarter of an hour of play, the Bucharesters were leading the home team with 7 goals, 9-2, making a dream half, which would bring them ever closer to qualifying for the quarterfinals of the competition.

Akimenko had a stellar performance and scored goal after goal as the Danes were stunned by an absolutely magical performance from Xavier Pascual’s men.

In the 22nd minute, the difference between the two teams reached 9 goals, 13-4, and the Bucharesters entered the booth with an 8-goal lead, 16-8, the last success of the guests being signed by Cindric, an absolutely superb goal.

Dinamo, the victory of the year in Romanian handball

The start of the second half belonged to the hosts, who came out of the locker room much more prepared and who tried to collect the score and get back into the match.

Even though the Danes managed several goals, and in the 45th minute they were three lengths behind Dinamo, after Lauge’s successful goal, score 16-19, Dinamo had no emotions in the last minutes of the double leg, being also at the shelter of the three round robin goals.

The hosts scored much more than in the first half, but it was not enough, because Dinamo also managed to use their attacks and keep their opponent at a distance of 3-4 goals.

In the end, the match in Denmark ended with the success of the Bucharesters, score 27-24, advancing to the quarter-finals of the competition.

There, Dinamo will also meet a team from Denmark, Skjern.

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