Aurel Mitran, one of the most reputable Romanian businessmen, has died. “Smooth road among the stars!” it has no place. Not even God can forgive him

Aurel Mitran, one of the most reputable Romanian businessmen, has died. “Smooth road among the stars!” it has no place. Not even God can forgive him
Aurel Mitran, one of the most reputable Romanian businessmen, has died. “Smooth road among the stars!” it has no place. Not even God can forgive him

Aurel Mitran was the manager of many successful bands and artists. He was with Nicu Alifantis and Alexandru Andries, he managed the great rock bands of the 80s, he was the first to bring great world music artists to our stages, such as Al Di Meola, Cesaria Evora, Lhasa de Sela, Bobby McFerrin. He also worked at the Tănase Theatre, the Mic Theatre, the Comedy Theater and the Ion Creangă Theatre.

At the age of 20, Aurel Mitran tried to get a job in a theater. He had taken the Theater and Film Critic exam, where he failed first. He went to the army – one year and four months. There he met Nicu Alifantis, and there began a friendship that lasted a lifetime.

“Our meeting is old. Army, 1974, Buzau, UM 0176, Transmission Unit. It all started from here. We met again at Teatrul Mic, in 1978, we became friends, we worked together for years and years, we were his bridesmaids, we built our careers side by side, we learned a lot from each other, we continue to collaborate even now. When we were colleagues at Teatrul Mic, we christened him Mitica, because he is a Mitica from Bucharest, a wanderer through these times, permanently in love with everything related to the history and past of this city, passionate about theater, music, dance , of film, in a word of art. They simultaneously dream of a normality of Romanian showbiz, which I personally do not think will happen, at least in the very near future. He is an artist in his job as an impresario, many, many Romanian artists passed through his hands, he raised generations of new impresarios, he collaborated with several important foreign artists, to give just a few examples, he is the one who brought for the first time in Romania, Cesaria Evora and Bobby McFerrin”, said Nicu Alifantis.

In the lines below you can find some messages after the death of Aurel Mitran:

“Farewell, gaiety! Aurel Mitran is one of the characters of this world for whom the inept modern stereotype, “Smooth road among the stars!”, has no place. He all his life paved the way for many stars. Not even God can forgive him, because I don’t think there is anyone in this world or the next who didn’t part with him smiling. He didn’t need rest, be it divine rest. All his life he only did what he wanted or liked, so nothing was tiring for him. Light soil? Aurel knew how to shake off anything that pressed him, and he shook off the dust dozens of times when life threw him. Romania has lost a promoter of many pages in its history of modern culture. I, more selfishly, say that I have lost a friend. At Bohemian tables, the Lord’s chair remains unoccupied forever!” – Alecu Racoviceanu

“Aurel Mitran is no more! Words are too poor to express how bad it feels to me and my colleagues. The artistic world in particular and the world in general is poorer without you, Master! May God forgive you and rest in peace!” – The proconsul

“We don’t have any pictures together. He didn’t want to. “Miss Alina Manole, I don’t want to spoil your image”. Oh, Mr. Mitran! Aurel Mitran will accompany me, from a room of my heart, every first step on a stage. Because the stage has been every discussion for the last 14 years. I had the honor of meeting him at the very beginning of my life as a producer, when he told me what I do right in those details that I care about when it comes to a show, and he also told me what I shouldn’t do at all. From our direct collaborations (the 2-day launch of the album “Fericirea de Luni” and an anniversary show of the Square Moon at the Excelsior Theater, the Duets event at Cinema Patria), from all the meetings at the events created by his lordship and from all the discussions of coffee, I had so much to learn and so much to remember…

“How are you, Miss Alina Manole, voice and guitar? I called to tell you a bank.” – this is how the phone conversations of at least an hour began, with lots of laughter and advice slipped in between the stories. I will always speak his name with respect and the joy of having met him and will miss him. I miss” – Alina Manole

“Unfortunately… Aurel Mitran has left us! May God Rest You in Eternal Peace my friend! It will be exhibited at the Excelsior Theater on Thursday at 12 o’clock! RIP!” – Paul Prisada

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