Outbreak of rabies in Iasi

Outbreak of rabies in Iasi
Outbreak of rabies in Iasi

At the Anti-Rabies Center of the Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases “Sf. Parascheva” Iași, the medical staff started anti-rabies prophylaxis for 2 patients after the cattle in the weft was confirmed to have rabies. The animal was bitten by a fox. Less than 24 hours after the result of the laboratory analysis confirming the veterinarian’s suspicion, the patients presented themselves at the Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases “St. Parascheva Iasi to follow the mandatory steps in this situation. The outbreak was located in the village of Siretel, Siretel Commune and the contacts, from the first information, are only the two patients who have already presented themselves at the center.

It is not the first case of rabies registered in Iasi county. We remind you that rabies was discovered in a cow from Lespezi commune. The DSVSA representatives explained at that time the fact that there are several foxes in the commune.

Outbreak of rabies in Iasi where several people were transported to the hospital

The representatives of the Hospital for Infectious Diseases explained that there is an outbreak of rabies that was discovered in Iasi. So, 2 people arrived at the medical unit after a cow that was behaving strangely was confirmed to have rabies. The animal was bitten by a fox. It happened in the village of Siretel in the commune of the same name:

Our hospital is the only authorized center in Iași county for the follow-up and institution of anti-rabies prophylaxis. Even if the number of rabies outbreaks has decreased over time, the same attention and the need to carry out anti-rabies prophylaxis is required and in many cases only with the risk of getting sick and the treatment is much more than the value of its settlement by the Insurance Company. That’s why , the establishment of a special national program for this category of patients is a mandatory requirement. We have proposed this aspect for almost two years, however, our efforts have remained unanswered. However, despite the fact that providing treatment hangs heavy on the hospital’s economy, we have made it so that all patients benefit from it! explained the representatives of the Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases “Sf. Parascheva” Iași.

In total, in 2022, three rabies outbreaks were detected. The first was registered at the beginning of August, also when a cattle was behaving strangely. The animal had been bitten by a fox. The second case was registered within the Pașcani municipality when a fox was shot and confirmed to have rabies:

The second outbreak was brought to our attention by members of the hunting fund within the Pașcani municipality. During the hunting operation, a fox was shot and confirmed to have rabies. The contact, a professional hunter, was properly equipped and did not come into contact with the sick animal.

What the DSVSA representatives say about the rabies outbreak in Iasi

Gabriel Ciobanu, director of DSVSA Iași gave the first statements in the context of a rabies outbreak in Iași. The director points out that the DSP has already started an investigation to find out and that the owners of the cattle are being kept under surveillance:

“The people who came into contact, the owners of the cattle, are kept under observation. We are during the epidemiological investigation. We have notified the DSP and are continuing the investigation to find, if necessary, the people who have had direct contact with the fox or cattle. The hunts for shooting foxes will be intensified”, Gabriel Ciobanu, director of DSVSA Iași

We remind you that rabies, or rabies, is a deadly disease if prophylaxis is not carried out in time. Therefore, citizens should be responsible and report to the anti-rabies center as an emergency in situations similar to today’s or as a result of bite wounds. The doctor, taking into account the information he receives, the location of the wound, the origin of the animal, determines the steps to follow so that the patient is safe and protected from any danger.

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