PORR drilled 855 meters of the rock tunnel on the future Sibiu-Pitesti highway


The builder uses modern technology and has reached a stage of about 40 percent on both threads. The tunnel consists of two separate galleries, symbolically named Daniela and Alina, after the names of the two female project managers. The high-speed road, which would cross the mountains, will be 123 kilometers long. The Daniela tunnel is in the direction of Sibiu – Pitesti, and the Alina tunnel is in the direction of Pitesti – Sibiu. The galleries are the same length.
According to the Secretary of State for Transport, Irinel Ionel Scrioşteanu, the Austrian builder PORR dug 855 meters on both sides of the first genuine highway tunnel in Romania. In total, on the two Daniela and Alina galleries, the tunnel will be 2,700 meters long. The transport official was on the construction site of Section 4 Tigveni – Curtea de Argeş of the A1 Sibiu – Pitesti Motorway and presented the status of the works on the tunnel, but also on the rest of the site:
– a total of 855 meters of drilled tunnel were executed on both lines, of which 491 meters of tunnel on the line of the exit from the tunnel, direction Sibiu – Pitesti (Daniela Tunnel) and 364 meters of tunnel on the line of the entrance to the tunnel, direction Pitesti – Sibiu (Alina Tunnel);
– 88% of the total of 20,500 ml of piles required for the structures related to this highway section were drilled, reinforced and concreted;
– the reinforcement, formwork and concreting works continue, leveling and elevation related to the structures on this lot;
– work is being done on the relocation of DJ678 and DN73C;
– 6 out of 16 foundations related to the floors were made;
– the two concrete plants from the site organizations were completed and put into operation;
– the production of prefabricated beams and shelves necessary for the structures continues in the construction site;
– the relocation of public utility networks of gas, electricity, sewage and domestic water continues.

Momaia Tunnel

The Momaia tunnel will be built in accordance with European standards and directives, and among the particularities of the two galleries we find:
– 1.35 km long;
– 2 separate and parallel main galleries, one for each direction of travel, called the Daniela Tunnel, for the Sibiu-Pitesti direction of travel and the Alina Tunnel, for the Pitesti-Sibiu direction of travel;
– 2 lanes per direction and approaches;
– ventilation system;
– exhaust system;
– public lighting;
– communication system
– one building each at the entrance and exit, for the control and operation of the tunnel.
According to the transport official, the construction of the two lines of the tunnel is being worked on simultaneously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with teams of specialists brought from Austria, together with workers from Romania.

550 workers and 180 machinery and construction equipment

“The mobilization of the contractor on this lot is very good, and if the pace of the works will be maintained, we can say that this work will be completed before the contractual deadline. At the time of the visit, there are around 550 workers and 180 machines and construction equipment on the entire site of the project”, stated the Secretary of State.


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