A new heat wave is coming

A new heat wave is coming
A new heat wave is coming

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After a few days of moderate temperatures, the weather is warming up again. Next week, temperatures could approach 30 degrees in some areas.

Slightly cooler days in the second part of this week will be followed by another episode of warming weather. Starting this weekend, the temperatures they will increase rapidly from day to day. The tropical air, originating from the dry expanses of the Sahara, will first penetrate the west of Europe, after which it will move progressively to the east. For this reason, the heat will reach the western regions of Romania faster, where they will reach 26-28°C as early as Sunday.

This thermal asymmetry will continue at the beginning of next week, when the maximums will be almost 5 degrees higher in the west of the country than in the east.

Gradually, the warm air will cover the rest of the territory. Current forecasts indicate maximum temperatures between 23 and 30°C in most regions, with the highest values ​​expected in the west and south-west. And it will be very hot in the mountains: the thermometers will show around 15°C at 1500 meters.

The weather is cooling off towards the end of next week

After this summer set, a natural cooling of the weather can be seen. For now, we don’t know how strong this will be, but there’s a pretty good chance temperatures will return to “normal” by the end of the week.

When do the rains come?

In addition to the heat, the next period will be devoid of rainfall in several regions of the country. Large areas of the south and east could be completely bypassed by rain, at least until the next cooling of the weather. The northern and central regions will be a bit luckier, but there is no sign of significant amounts of water there either, except in the mountainous areas.

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