Why I don’t want to be a dog walking through the Vest Ploiesti Municipal Park

Why I don’t want to be a dog walking through the Vest Ploiesti Municipal Park
Why I don’t want to be a dog walking through the Vest Ploiesti Municipal Park

What does “Dog’s Life” mean to you? The perception of many is given by the place where the dog lives, whether it has a good “master” or not. Each little animal with its own luck… Today, reading a press release from Ploiești City Hall, I fell limp with thoughts, among these thoughts was the one in which I tried to put myself in the shoes of a dog. And not just any kind of dog, but one that would end up in West Municipal Park, that wasteland that should have been a park, an oasis of greenery on the west side of town.

The West Municipal Park was inaugurated almost 8 years ago, in 2016. And it was an inauguration with scandal, following a project in which 70 million lei were spent, of which almost 50 million came from European funds. Because the completion deadline was not met, the City Hall paid for the works after that deadline, in the amount of 22 million lei.

There were investigations, some public circus and that was about it. Nothing concrete happened. What is certain is that I was left with the fallow on my head, in the sense that you cannot call a park with a few alleys, two parking lots, a few benches and a scene where no event takes place, please, none relevant.

Before I tell you why I don’t want to be a dog walked through this pseudo-park, I reproduce the text of today’s press release from Ploiești City Hall:

“Ploiești City Hall in partnership with Weatherford Romania is organizing an activity aimed at promoting ecological volunteering, aimed at planting trees in the West Municipal Park, on Saturday, April 6, 2024, starting at 10:00 a.m.

On this occasion, will be celebrated Earth Dayand the action will also involve the organization of some recreational activities, intended for the smallest ecological volunteers from Ploieștirespectively drawing and face painting workshops, rewarded with colored balloons and many other surprises.

Thus, combining the useful with the pleasant, demonstrating care for the community and responsibility towards the environmentthe participants in this unique ecological project will be able, at the end of the tree planting activities, to spend beautiful and relaxing moments at a outdoor picnicwith family and friends.

Together we continue to make a difference, to improve the environment and increase the green dimension of the place where we live!

I really like the ending…”We continue to make a difference together“. You too say, if the communication girls from Ploiești Town Hall have no sense of humor… The difference to what, by whom? If they referred to another park in Cluj (see HERE), then the difference is clear, but it does not benefit us at all


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