Mc Ranin was awarded in Korea


Mc Ranin was awarded in Korea. In the “60th K-Theater Awards”, Mihai Constantin Ranin (Mc Ranin), organizing director of the Babel festival, was awarded the prize of excellence in the biggest festivity dedicated to theater in this country, an event similar to UNITER.

Exclusive to Oficial Media newspaper, the president of the South Korea Theater Association, Mr. JeungWoo Son, confesses that he was proud to choose director MC Ranin for the Grand Prize at the 60th K- Theater Awards.proud to have chosen Mr. Mc Ranin

The “K-Theater Awards” is an event organized by the Korea Theater Association (President JeungWoo Son) for theater officials who have contributed to the development of Korean theater performances throughout the year.

We are proud to have chosen Mr. Mc Ranin

The K-Teatru Awards Committee decided to reward the foreign artists who contributed to the development of the theater this year. “We are very proud to have chosen Mr. Ranin (Organizing Director of the Babel festival) for the Grand Prize. The theater’s mission is to resist restrictions on human freedom. Korea and Romania share the experience of suffering under dictatorships. Mr. Ranin contributed to the development of Romanian Democracy through the Babel Festival.

The K-THEATER AWARDS committee greatly respects Mr. Ranin, who has worked hard to increase the educational value of theater and fight for human rights even under difficult circumstances.

The troupe of the Tony Bulandra Theater from Târgovişte, in Seoul

The Korean Theater Association expects Mr. Ranin to contribute to the development of theater through collaboration between Romania and Korea. Finally, I would like to congratulate Mr. Ranin and my dear friends – the members of the Tony Blandra Theater.”

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