Ukrainian POWs handed over by Moscow were ‘brutally tortured’

Ukrainian POWs handed over by Moscow were ‘brutally tortured’
Ukrainian POWs handed over by Moscow were ‘brutally tortured’

A new exchange of prisoners took place between Ukraine and Russia the other day. Many of the Ukrainian prisoners handed over to Kiev by Moscow were “brutally tortured” in captivity, according to a senior Ukrainian official.

Photo: Facebook/ Volodymyr Zelensky

“Many of them were brutally tortured,” declared, during a press conference, Kirilo Budanov, the head of the intelligence department of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, according to Agerpres. The Ukrainian official did not provide further details regarding the nature of the alleged acts of torture to which the Ukrainian soldiers captured in Azovstal were allegedly subjected.

Budanov also said that among the people handed over by Moscow are “people whose physical condition is more or less normal apart from chronic malnutrition due to poor detention conditions”.

Ukrainian prisoners were held in the territories occupied by Russian troops in Ukraine, but were also taken to Russia, according to the statements of Budanov, who took part in organizing the exchange of prisoners.

Interior Minister Denis Monastirski said that all Ukrainians handed over by the Russians need psychological rehabilitation.

In the largest exchange of military prisoners since the beginning of the war, Kiev managed to recover 205 Ukrainians, including defense chiefs from Azvostal, Mariupol.

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