The Hungarians amazed all of Romania. Hungary announced today, April 3

The Hungarians amazed all of Romania. Hungary announced today, April 3
The Hungarians amazed all of Romania. Hungary announced today, April 3

Romania is gaining speed, and Hungary is supporting it. It all has to do with the increasingly strong position that our country wants within NATO. Here is the official announcement made by the head of diplomacy in Budapest, Minister Peter Szijjarto.

Hungary votes for Klaus Iohannis as head of NATO, not for Mark Rutte

Unexpected support from the Hungarian neighbors for Romania. It is, more precisely, about the candidacy announced by President Klaus Iohannis for the headship of NATO.

Hungary seems to agree with the version of the current president of Romania at the head of the North Atlantic Alliance.

The official position of Budapest was expressed even by the head of Hungarian diplomacy, Peter Szijjarto. Hungary’s foreign minister points out that it would be time for NATO to be led by a secretary general from Central and Eastern Europe.

“We are happy to see a candidate from Central Europe,” he says.

Peter Szijjarto reinforces this desire by the fact that the main security challenge for Europe now comes from this very region. He is obviously referring to the war started by Russia in Ukraine.

“No member country from Central and Eastern Europe has delegated a Secretary General to NATO in its entire history, so it would be time, especially considering that the main security challenge comes from this direction,” Szijjarto said on Wednesday , April 3.

Peter Szijjarto (PHOTO SOURCE: Facebook, Szijjártó Péter)

Central and Eastern Europe must have a much stronger voice within NATO

NATO needs to strengthen in the east, emphasizes the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry. Our neighbors strongly support this direction of consolidation.

In addition, I ask that everything be reflected in the person who will be elected the future Secretary General of NATO, instead of Jens Stoltenberg.

Peter Szijjarto recalled that the majority of NATO members who come from Central and Eastern Europe have already been members of the Alliance for over 20 or 25 years. That is precisely why a proposal for a NATO leader in this area must “be considered”.

Although President Klaus Iohannis has announced his intention to become the next leader of NATO, it seems that he has a much better rated opponent. This is Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands (the official name of the Netherlands).

Even the United States announced a day ago that they were on the Dutch side. Hungary admits it is “clear” that a large part of NATO members appear to have already cast their vote for the Dutch prime minister.

However, Budapest will not do this under any circumstances. Peter Szijjarto spoke about the need for trust to the highest level. And Mark Rutte does not benefit from Hungary’s trust at all, says the head of diplomacy from Budapest. Everything, as a result of some of his statements in the past.

“We Hungarians cannot trust a man, not at the highest level, but at any level, who previously talked about bringing Hungary to its knees… I think this is clear to everyone,” Szijjarto said.

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