The Swiss energy minister recommends showering in pairs

The Swiss energy minister recommends showering in pairs
The Swiss energy minister recommends showering in pairs

Switzerland’s energy minister, Simonetta Sommaruga, recommends double showering and rejects criticism of the campaign launched to save electricity. She admits that although showering for two after a certain age is no longer “comfortable”, the proposal must be taken very seriously, writes the Swiss daily Blick.

In an interview, Simonetta Sommaruga talked about the measures that should be followed to get through the winter more easily, with less energy consumption.

It tells people to reduce the heating in their homes, turn off the lights after the end of working hours, but also to unplug electronic devices. At the same time, she recommends showering for two. Regarding the latter proposal, she says that it is very serious, although “many had fun”.

“I know that showering for two is no longer comfortable for everyone after a certain age,” she pointed out, talking about the fact that many had fun with the topic.

Simonetta Sommaruga says that she too has changed her behavior at the office. “We turn off all the lights when we finish work. One can disconnect all devices from the network with the push of a button,” she added.

At the same time, the minister rejected criticism that the campaign came too late: “Our campaign came at exactly the right time. People have returned from vacation. And soon the cold season will begin. It is a difficult time for everyone. Russia leads an energy war against Europe and therefore also against Switzerland,” says Sommaruga.

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