How do you choose the right cable for your device?

How do you choose the right cable for your device?
How do you choose the right cable for your device?

USB-C was originally created for premium smartphones, but now it has become a suitable charging cable for most phones. It is intended to be used to charge equipment and connect it to a computer.
USB Type C is the newest of the USB types. It was created to increase cable functionality and data transfer speed. The purpose of its creation was also to standardize ports in all mobile devices (and not only them, version C is also available on monitors). More and more new devices use this type of connector, including manufacturers such as Apple, on the new iPhone 15 Pro, Samsung, Xiaomi, LG and Huawei. Due to its convenient operation, it is becoming more and more popular.
More, USB Type-C eliminated one of the most annoying problems with USB connectors: the problem of the tip of the connector not being inserted correctly into the port. In the case of the C-type entrance, it is the same on each side: it has the shape of a rounded rectangle, small and very narrow.

To summarize, there are a few parameters worth keeping in mind when looking for a suitable cable:

Choosing the cable with the right connector is not very complicated. You just have to pay attention to a few parameters that will always be indicated in the equipment description to purchase a cable that guarantees the best capabilities.

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