The ticket placed by Tristan Tate to an Antena 3 CNN reporter in front of the DIICOT headquarters

Tristan Tate gave a handwritten note to Antena 3 CNN reporters, when he was brought, together with his brother, Andrew Tate, to the DIICOT headquarters.

Antena 3 CNN reporters obtained an exclusive message from Tristan Tate.

Arriving in front of the DIICOT headquarters with his brother, Tristan Tate got out of the car, at which point he addressed the Antena 3 CNN reporter directly.

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“Take this! Get him out of here! Read it!” Tristan Tate told CNN’s Antena 3 reporter, Denisa Dicu.

It is a handwritten note on an A4 sheet.

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Tristan Tate, exclusive message for Antena 3 CNN

“The DIICOT evidence against us is for the videos that our friends, Beatrice and Iasmina, were making on TikTok in 2021.

That’s why we’re in prison.

Ask DIICOT for samples.

Ask the judges what influence they have.

Tell the world what’s going on,” Tristan Tate wrote on the note.

At the same time, Andrew Tate answered some questions from reporters while being taken to the DIICOT headquarters.

Reporter: Is it a political case?

Andrew Tate: Of course it is. Everyone knows I didn’t hurt anyone. There is no evidence. It doesn’t show evidence because it doesn’t exist!

The article is in Romanian

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