The children have arrived at the stadium! “Come to the match, in large numbers, to support the team”

The children have arrived at the stadium! “Come to the match, in large numbers, to support the team”
The children have arrived at the stadium! “Come to the match, in large numbers, to support the team”

UTA prefaced Friday’s match with FC Botoșani in a press conference, attended by four of the children who will attend the battle between the two teams. They will be at the stadium, as they promised Mircea Rednic.

He wants something else

Certainly, UTA’s coach wants the stadium to be full, but with adults, in addition to the children who come to the game.

“We will have almost the same motivation, even if there will only be children in the stadium. I would have liked us to play the way a match should be played. You also saw the Dinamo – Petrolul match, there were children, but it’s not the same. There is a very good atmosphere in Arad, the fans really push the team from behind and we really needed this. All we can do is pray to God, maybe we will have a surprise from the Appeals Commission. There were a lot of messages from football people, we understand that it was wrong, let whoever is guilty pay, but everything with a limit. Let’s not spoil what is beautiful, i.e. the show, which is made by the teams as well as the supporters. UTA and Dinamo have a very good atmosphere, otherwise you play when you have the fans behind you. I have no signals that we could be pardoned, we are not that strong, but we have to be realistic, the commission’s decisions were very severe in relation to what happened. I don’t think there has been such a fine in the Superliga, until now. If we have a pleasant surprise, we will organize quickly, so that the supporters can enter for free. By the way, that I remembered now: what is the fault of the subscribers from UTA? What are they to blame” – said Mircea Rednic.

What did the children say?

As I said, four children (all from CN Preparandia-Dimitrie Tichindeal) among the most ardent little supporters were at the press conference, together with Mircea Rednic, respectively Cristian Mihai. They tried to make propaganda for the UTA team, so that there would be as many children as possible at the stadium on Friday.

“We will shout, come on UTA”, “We will enter with an open heart” or “we like Mr. Rednic”, were the messages from Ariel Gherman and Andrei Bilanin.

Then, Aime Radu and Daria Sfâșie said: “I’ve been to many matches, I think we can make the boys win on Friday”; “I also learned songs from the gallery”; Come on UTA, come to the match, because the ticket is free!”; Come to the game, in large numbers, to support the team. Let’s win, come on UTA!”

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