Choosing the right charging cable (P)

Choosing the right charging cable (P)
Choosing the right charging cable (P)

Which fast charging cable to choose?

What should you pay attention to when buying a cable for powering mobile device batteries? The most important thing is compatibility with your device model. A USB-C fast charging cable that is incompatible with your smartphone will not be effective when it comes to charging it quickly. It’s also worth knowing that not every phone supports this fast charging technology. You will find a note about this in the technical specifications.

Other important aspects are:

  • cable length – if you charge your phone in the car, a cable of about 1 meter will be enough. However, if you want a cable for home, opt for one of 2 or 3 meters;
  • standard – the newer the technology, the better the charging parameters – currently USB 3.1 cables are recommended, especially if you will also use them to transfer data and want a high transfer speed.

Universal compatibility – which model deserves your attention?

Depending on the phone model, it may have a microUSB, USB-C or Lightning connector. Before you buy, make sure that connector is compatible with your device.

The USB Type C connector is more universal and can be used for more devices. In addition, it can be connected in any direction, which eliminates the problem of “wrong” insertion of the plug. But what makes USB Type-C so revolutionary when it comes to charging phones? First, its ability to transmit more power and higher charging speed.

Overload and overvoltage protection – how to protect your phone battery?

Buy a proven cable for fast phone charging. Do not underestimate the quality, as a low-quality cable can deteriorate quickly and, in extreme cases, can even damage the phone. Choose only products from proven manufacturers, depending on your smartphone model. This will help you avoid permanent damage caused by incorrect voltage or power.

A good cable should have surge protection to prevent damage to your smartphone in the event of a sudden voltage surge.

High quality material and workmanship – a must

Quite often, when you are getting ready to buy a charger, you can find a lot of cheap products. Do they meet the appropriate parameters? Not necessarily – these are often questionable products that can irreparably damage the battery. It is advisable to choose products made by reputable companies that are known on the market. The price can be a good indicator between a good, efficient cable and a less qualitative one.

The workmanship and materials used are essential, so a cable must be made of durable materials such as nylon, Kevlar or silicone to prevent abrasion, tangling, breaking or damage. TPE and nylon models are used most frequently, the cables being resistant to damage, strong and durable.

Although USB cables are small gadgets for electronic devices, they perform an essential function in the use of devices. In particular, the charging speed of mobile devices and its security are crucial for the use of smartphones. That’s why you have to pay special attention to them when you buy them.

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