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Tragedy today, in Unirea, where a car was found overturned in the Bistrita river. Two young people died, the rescuers having nothing to do to help them. Gigi – called Kaizer, and Ovidiu – called Didu – were both from Unirea.

As of Friday, the families of two young men from Unirea no longer knew anything about them. They looked for them, but could not find them.

Today, the news that they had been found hit like a thunderbolt. That’s because they were found out of breath.

The all-terrain vehicle of Gigi Ruszis Kaizer was seen in the Bistrita river. Ovidiu Butunoiu-zis Didu was also in the car with him.

Unfortunately, both were found dead, so the rescuers had nothing more to do for them.

“At the scene of the event, two 36- and 37-year-old men from Unirea were identified in the car, who unfortunately were deceased. The police are continuing the investigations in a criminal case regarding the crime of manslaughter. At the same time, the necropsy will be ordered in order to accurately establish the cause of death of the two”, said the spokesperson of IPJ BN, Paul Rodilă.

PHOTO – A car fell into the Bistrita river: two people found dead inside

Gigi worked in construction, and Ovidiu in forestry.

My husband called that tomorrow he had to go to the forest to bring us some wood. But someone else answered the phone and told him that Didu was found dead. We can’t believe it!” he told IB reporters

It seems that Gigi and Ovidiu had been to a cauldron, at a stable, on Friday afternoon. When they left there, Gigi would have “ordered” a dessert, announcing to those from Unirea that they would arrive in 20 minutes.

But after 20 minutes, when his friends called him, they didn’t answer. They were searched with all-terrain vehicles on all the hills, but there was no sign of the two.

The car was spotted today 10-15 meters from the “trace” it left on the edge of the precipice. The place where it would have originally fallen is an area where the water is deep, and most likely that is why the car was not spotted even though the friends searched for them both at night and during the day.

It was only today, when the water currents managed to push the car into the shallower area, that part of the car was spotted. Everything, however, much too late.

The news of the death of the two shocked the community of Unirea and Bistrita. Messages of condolence flow on Gigi Rus’s Facebook page, but also on the pages of the two’s friends.

The Bistriț editorial office sends sincere condolences to the bereaved families!

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