TULCEA: Advancements in rank, on Romanian Gendarmerie Day

TULCEA: Advancements in rank, on Romanian Gendarmerie Day
TULCEA: Advancements in rank, on Romanian Gendarmerie Day

Today, April 3, the Romanian Gendarmerie celebrated 174 years since the signing of the act of establishment of this weapon, on which occasion the County Inspectorate of Gendarmerie “Marshal Alexandru Averescu” organized anniversary activities.

During a festive meeting, the promotion orders to the next military rank were presented, before the expiration of the minimum internship for six gendarmes, respectively 2 officers and 4 non-commissioned officers who meet the legal conditions and who have very good results in the activity.

Diplomas of merit were awarded to military personnel who distinguished themselves in their professional activity by exemplary performance of their duties.

According to the State of military personnel “the military rank is a right of the holder and represents the social recognition of the quality of military personnel”.

Also today, at the headquarters of the Tulcea Military Circle, in the organization of the “Marshal Alexandru Averescu” County Gendarmerie Inspectorate, a tribute meeting dedicated to the Day of the Romanian Gendarmerie took place, with the participation of institutions and public authorities.

Tulcea County Council was represented by the general secretary of Tulcea County, Marius-Cristi Mihai:

You gendarmes have always shown professionalism when it came to specific activities. You are an example of dedication and seriousness, and the fact that, annually, you are in a “top of trust” of the population shows the respect and appreciation that the citizens of this country have for you. I thank you, on behalf of Tulcea County Council, for the openness you show when your help is requested and for the promptness with which you respond to all requests from all public institutions. I conclude by assuring you of our full availability in terms of collaboration with the County Inspectorate of Gendarmes Tulcea. Happy birthday, gendarmes! Happy birthday, Romanian Gendarmerie!

Sources: IJJ Tulcea, CJ Tulcea/ Editor: Adina Sîrbu

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